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WhatsApp How to add or grant administrator permissions in my WhatsApp group – Step by step tutorial

WhatsApp How to add or grant administrator permissions in my WhatsApp group - Step by step tutorial

You can no longer think that there is no messaging application like WhatsApp that is not found on every mobile phone. The thing is its popularity is undeniable and change our paradigms forever when it comes to communication.

So this application is used to be able to send voice notes or make video calls. But other functions, such as creating groups, still stand out and we talk about this topic that we want to explain to you. how to add permissions as administrator of your WhatsApp group.

One of the many functions that WhatsApp has and that allows us to communicate very quickly and efficiently with many people, is by creating groups. Thus allowing the platform to become the most used social network in the last year. Although it may be unknown, even today how extraordinary functions.

Therefore, you may be a group administrator, and you may think that this situation may fill you with additional obligations in your already complicated schedule. We can tell you that there is a solution to this problem and that it is not about eliminating the group. And, therefore, we will show you in the next article how to grant administrator permissions to another person in your WhatsApp group.

Steps for granting administrator permissions in WhatsApp

If you are the administrator of a WhatsApp group, you should know that you are the only one who can make changes to the profile of that group. Therefore you can changes and modifies certain aspects such as names, photos, send requests to be part of the group, among others. But if it seems impossible to take on this responsibility, you can delegate it to someone else in the group.

And if you do not know what you should do to perform this operation, here we will show you the steps to follow. Therefore, the first step is to enter the WhatsApp application from your mobile phone and, once inside, locate and select group chat. The next step is to go to the top of the screen and click on the group name.

This action will take you to a new window and in it you can see information about the group, such as profile photo, creation date. As well as other configurable options for that group, such as mute notifications, custom notifications, and so on. But you can also see the number of participants in the group, as well as the names of the contacts that make it up.

You’ll also find a plus icon that, when pressed, will allow you to add or invite new participants. You’ll also find a pencil icon that allows you to edit the group name. Now, so you can grant permissions to another contact as a group administrator you need to do the following.

Administrator permissions for another contact in the group

This step is very simple, but also very little known, and the first thing you should do is look for select the contact to whom you will grant administrator permissions. The next step is to click on the contact’s name and hold until an options menu appears. Among them you can appreciate Send message, View, Call, Delete, Become a group administrator.

man whatsapp manages the group

Well, here is the option to select and when the contact in question clicks on it, from now on it will have responsibilities of the administrator. You realize that we know so little about an application, no matter how much we use it daily. And that allows us to solve problems that seemed to have no possible solution.

As you can see, it is a very simple option to achieve and will not last long and in this way we say goodbye to another opportunity in which we will teach you more functions. But now you know what to do add or grant administrator permissions to another contact in your WhatsApp group.