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WhatsApp How can I fix WhatsApp notifications if it doesn’t ring on my phone – WhatsApp Tutorial is an application designed for smartphones, depending on …

WhatsApp How can I fix WhatsApp notifications if it doesn't ring on my phone - WhatsApp Tutorial is an application designed for smartphones, depending on ...

WhatsApp is an application designed for smart phones, dependent on an internet connection, designed to facilitate people’s communication. Its use is to send instant messages, photos, files, calls, video calls, and more. Without hesitation, the application is considered one of the best developments in technology, allows the interaction of thousands of people around the world in real time, that’s why it’s important to work properly.

What are the benefits of activating sound in notifications?

Having the sound of active notifications is a great advantage for users who want to stay connected in real time, this way, the user does not risk losing something.

In addition to this, now everything goes through mobile devices, from job offers to new customers, if you run a company. The power of the mobile phone in everyday life cannot be underestimated.

Why doesn’t my phone ring with WhatsApp notifications?

One of the most reported complaints by many users is that when entering the application there are new unopened messages, without receiving the corresponding alert. This can be a real problem, and its remedy depends on its cause.

Energy saving mode

Most mobile phones are adapted to have applications running in the background or limit the sound of notifications when the battery runs outusually when 20% remains, and enters the «Economic Mode».

Some limits for your data connection

It is common that, at times, there is data signal instability, also that they are restricted or disabled by a certain configuration in the mobile phone. To check this, it is suggested that you access any web page in your browser, check mobile settings, mobile networks, even turn on and off «airplane mode».

mobile notification of a new message

You have disabled WhatsApp notifications

The problem may be due to unexplained application failures or due to disabling WhatsApp notification permissions in general or those of a specific contact.

What can I do to receive sound notifications from WhatsApp again?

Knowledge of possible failures that prevent you from receiving WhatsApp notifications with sound, the user must check and identify the cause of his problem. It is important to check that the sound settings are adjusted correctly. If the mobile phone is in silent mode, vibrates or has a very low sound level, the user may not be able to perceive the application notification alert.

Turn off power saving

If the problem is due to the low battery level, the problem should be solved by restoring the battery charge on the mobile phone. It is also common on different smartphones, notifications are turned off while the screen is off, preventing the user from being aware of the notification until it turns off the lock and turns on the screen.

If your phone intentionally has «Battery Saver Mode» enabled, this option must be turned off to allow sound notifications.

Enable settings notifications

If notifications are disabled, the user must change them as follows, first they must look for the option on the mobile phone settings, applications, whatsapp, and select the «activate» box.

new message notification

Restart your mobile phone

As simple as it may seem, if the user cannot solve the problem by checking the points mentioned above, restarting your mobile phone will always be a good option. This consists of holding down the power button for a few seconds, and the phone will restart.

Check that you haven’t turned off group or chat

It is common to silence WhatsApp groups to avoid crowding notifications, so this may be the cause. To turn off notifications, You need to open the group chat, then select the group topic, and finally tap ‘mute notifications’.