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What’s inside the Galaxy S9 +

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The people of I’ll fix it I couldn’t help but check inside new flagships of Samsung , right? Ok To be launched on the 16th in some markets, the Galaxy S9 + has been carefully dismantled, a process that has revealed something that is no longer surprising: repairing the device is not at all easy.

A positive point highlighted by I’ll fix it The fact that the Galaxy S9 + has many modular components that, as such, can be replaced independently, which at least theoretically reduces repair costs.

But the installations end there. I’ll fix it even notes that the 3,500 mAh battery can be replaced. The problem is that getting there is a test of patience. There is a protective plate over which the removal requires special attention. The component is also fixed with an adhesive that no longer works because it has been treated with an adhesive.

What's in the Galaxy S9 + 2

I’ll fix it note that the battery is almost the same as Galaxy S8 +

For obvious reasons, the screen is one of the most sold components on smartphones. On the Galaxy S9 +, removing the screen also requires a lot of patience. The heat must be applied carefully to release the adhesive and at the same time disassemble smartphone almost completely to release the panel.

What's in the Galaxy S9 + 3

Samsung always gives priority to cameras over its high-end models, so I’ll fix it looked closely at these components. In the case of the S9 +, the rear camera is dual, but it is a single piece, ie there is no mode for each sensor.

Another interesting detail is that, unlike standard cameras, the variable aperture lens does not have five or more blades to adjust the light; This control is performed by means of two rotating «rings». Since the cameras are in a module, it is perfectly possible to change them, but re-accessing them is not easy.

What's inside the Galaxy S9 + 4

On the front, the Galaxy S9 + is among its attractive 3D avatars (AR Emojis) and is unlocked by facial recognition or iris reading, but technically there are no major differences from the previous generation: infrared modules, infrared sensor proximity, iris scanner and front camera is almost the same as the Galaxy S8 + equipment.

In terms of repairability index, Galaxy S9 + scored 4 points out of 10 (the higher the better), the same score as Galaxy S8 and Note 8. Details are on the website of I’ll fix it .

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