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What you need to know about the new Microsoft Edge browser

What you need to know about the new Microsoft Edge browser

Are you using Windows 10? If so, Microsoft installs a new browser on your computer through Windows Update. The new browser is still called Microsoft Edge, but is based on the same code as Google Chrome.

What is the new Edge browser?

The new Microsoft Edge is based on open source project Chromium. Chromium forms the basis of Google Chrome, so the new Edge feels very similar to Google Chrome. It includes features found in Chrome, is compatible with Chrome browser extensions, and has the same rendering engine as Google Chrome.

If a website was designed for Google Chrome and didn’t work properly on the old Edge, it will now work correctly on the new Edge.

Like Google Chrome, the new version of Microsoft Edge will be updated every six weeks. You won’t have to wait for major versions of Windows 10 to be released every six months just for browser updates, as you did with the Legacy Edge browser.

When will you get the new advantage?

Open the new Microsoft Edge based on Chromium from the Start menu.

Microsoft He launched stable version of its new Edge browser on January 15, 2020. On June 3, 2020, Microsoft began to implement it for all Windows 10 users through Windows Update.

He still can download the new Edge from the Microsoft website if you don’t want to wait for Windows Update to install it. After installation, it will replace the old Edge browser with the new version. The original version of Edge is now officially called the «Legacy» version of Edge.

Technically, the old Edge will remain installed for compatibility reasons, but Windows will hide it. You can say you are using the new Edge because it has a new logo. It’s more of a blue and green whirlpool than just a blue «e» like the old Edge.

The new Edge browser will automatically install on your computer if you are using Windows 10 Update May 2020, November 2019 update, or Update May 2019.

Can you stop Microsoft from installing it?

You can prevent Windows Update from installing the new Edge if you want, but we don’t recommend it. Windows Update will simply replace the old Edge browser on your Windows 10 computer with a newer, more modern one that works better. If you ignored the old Edge, you can ignore the new Edge.

However, Microsoft understands that some companies will want to prevent their computers from installing the new Edge. Microsoft offers a Chromium Edge Update Toolkit which will set a «DoNotUpdateToEdgeWithChromium» registry value, ensuring that computers do not automatically download and install the new Edge.

Why did you abandon Microsoft EdgeHTML for Chromium?

Chromium Edge information page.

Microsoft ad which would replace Edge’s EdgeHTML rendering engine with the Chromium rendering engine in December 2018. That announcement was shocking at the time. After all, Microsoft has always gone its own way with web browsers. Even EdgeHTML was originally based on the Microsoft Trident rendering engine used by Internet Explorer.

Joe Belfiore, Microsoft’s vice president of Windows at the time, explained that the decision was made «to create better web compatibility for our customers and less web fragmentation for all web developers.»

Even if you use Google Chrome, Microsoft’s work on the Edge browser will improve Chromium. Microsoft’s effort will also make Chrome a better browser.

New Edge Vs. Chrome: What’s the difference?

Follow the prevention settings in the new Microsoft Edge

While Edge and Chrome are now quite similar under the hood, they are still different. Edge eliminates Google services and in many cases replaces them with Microsoft. For example, Edge syncs browser data with your Microsoft account instead of Google.

The new Edge offers some features that Chrome doesn’t offer. For example, Edge has a built-in tracking prevention feature and Potentially Unwanted Program Blocker (PUP). According to the old Edge interface, there is a favorites button to the right of the address bar on the Edge browser toolbar. Microsoft is also transferring other features from the old Edge, including » collections «To capture snippets of web pages and store them in the same place.

You may prefer the new Edge if you trust Microsoft more than Google, or if you just want a browser with built-in trace protection and a Chrome rendering engine.

However, Windows 10 users who remain with the included browser will now have a more modern and capable browser, with an open source rendering engine that updates more frequently and is better compatible with websites. This is a victory for everyone.

Is Edge compatible with other operating systems?

The new Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium is available for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS, iPhone, iPad and Android. Microsoft will even release a version for Linux future. Chrome is already compatible with all of these platforms, so migrating the new Edge is much easier for Microsoft.

Browser wars have not stopped

The Windows 10 settings app recommends the new Microsoft Edge over Firefox and Google Chrome

While Microsoft and Google engineers are clearly cooperating, there is no truce in browser wars. Just like their current browsers, Google still wants to use Chrome, and Microsoft wants to use Edge.

For example, you can install Chrome Web Store extensions on the new Edge . But when you do, Microsoft will warn you that Chrome Web Store extensions «are not verified and may affect browser performance.» Once you agree to this, Google will warn you that » recommends switching to Chrome to use extensions safely «.

Although Edge is based on the same code as Google Chrome, many Google websites will continue to display pop-ups recommending that you switch to Chrome. For example, when you visit Google News in Microsoft Edge, you’ll see a message that Google recommends Chrome, encouraging you to «try a fast, secure browser with built-in updates.»

Microsoft recommends that Chrome users switch to Edge as well. For example, Bing encourages Chrome users to download Edge. Windows 10 Settings says the new Edge is «recommended for Windows 10» when you choose your default web browser.

Mozilla is also in the line of fire. Microsoft is already showing «Tip» ads in the Windows 10 Start menu recommending Edge over Firefox. Are you still using Firefox? Microsoft Edge is here «, the announcement shows.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.