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What to do when «Your Windows license expires soon» appears

What to do when "Your Windows license expires soon" appears

«Your Windows license will expire soon»It is one of the messages that appear in the operating system when Windows is installed from 0. When the trial days offered by Windows end, this message appears indicating that you need to purchase the license to continue using all the features. However, there are some effective solutions to prevent this message from appearing. Let’s see what they are.

Solutions to avoid the Windows message about license expiration

The message «Your Windows license will expire soon»Appears in cases where a non-genuine Windows license is used. Also, when using a license already installed on one computer, on another (it is known as activating an OEM license, such as Retail) or when making a hardware change on the computer.

In these cases, you need to continue activating the license in Windows version. Otherwise, many of the Windows functions will be restricted. The first step is to check the status of your Windows license and continue activating.

How do I activate the Windows license?

For activate the Windows license, after you have installed it correctly, you should go to Operating system settings> Update and security> Activation

From this menu we will access an activation window in which the product key is requested. Just enter it so that the license is fully activated.

How do I recover my Windows 10 activation key?

You may need to format the operating system at some point. In this case, the license would be deactivated and would need to be reactivated. If you have lost your product key, there is a method that can help you recover it while you still have the Windows license enabled.

There is a tool called Produkey that can be downloaded for free from the Nirsoft website. Once you have downloaded the tool, you need to activate it with administrator permissions. The keys to all the programs we have installed will appear immediately. Now you can write them down in a safe place and form them safely.

What happens if I don’t activate the Windows license?

If you ignore the message «Your Windows license will expire soon»We will have this notification permanently on our screen, which is still a simple visual annoyance. However, if there are other types of functional limitations:

  • For example, we will not be able to use 100% of all customization features. For example, changing the wallpaper, text fonts, lock screen, and other options related to the Start menu and taskbar
  • We will permanently find the watermarks in the form of a warning. They remind you that activation is required

Although there are no limitations that prevent you from using Windows, they can be annoying. This is due to the continuous warnings that appear on the screen.

You can choose to use Windows without activating the license despite the messages that will appear continuously on the screen. However, it is always advisable to have access to the full license, which gives us the full functionality of all options. Under no circumstances is it advisable to access pirated children. These types of licenses may be invalidated when they are detected by Microsoft.

Did you know …

If you have a convertible laptop or a Windows tablet, Windows 10 has a «tablet mode» that recognizes when there is no keyboard or mouse.

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