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What it is and how to set up «dialing» or speed dialing on your mobile phone

Qué es y cómo configurar el «discado» o marcación rápida en tu celular

Being able to call your favorite contacts or emergency numbers quickly or without wasting time is one of the first things you should set up on your mobile. One option is to place your contacts on your desktop to call them with a single touch from the home screen. The other is to set up dialing or speed dialing so that you can call them in one touch, but in this case from the phone application.

Do youWhat is speed dialing and what is it for??

As the name suggests, it allows you to quickly «dial» a phone number. Yes, as fast as a touch. Obviously, it serves to avoid wasting time when someone calls. Instead of having to search for the contact in the phonebook or enter the phone number manually in the caller and then press the call button, you can simply associate a contact with a number on the keypad to call. Then press and hold that number (long press) and the call will be made immediately.

Android speed dial example

You can try speed dialing right now on your mobile phone, as it is already preconfigured for the «1» key. If you press and hold this number, your voice message will be called automatically. You can associate the rest of the numbers, 2 to 9, with seven favorite contacts (the 0 key cannot be used).

How to enable speed dialing

Android phone cell phone call assign Android speed dial

assign the speed dial contact assign the speed dial contact

To assign a contact to a number on the keypad, simply open the phone application on your mobile phone. Hold down one of the numbers (from 2 to 9 as I said). The window will appear asking if you want to assign that key to a contact, click «Assign», choose the contact from your address book and you’re done.

Android phone settings Android mobile phone speed dial Android speed dial

To remove a contact from speed dialing, you need to access the phone application settings and tap the red «-» button next to the contact. From here, you can also assign contacts to speed dialing, including the option to enter a number that is not registered in your contact directory with a speed dial key.

advice: If you do not remember which contact you assigned a specific key to and do not want to simply call to find out, tap the key (short press) and the contact to whom the number is assigned will immediately appear more first, as shown in the image above.

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