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What is the Shift key on my computer

What is the Shift key on my computer

Surely you have noticed on the computer keyboard that there are keys with 2 functions; for example: numeric keys [1][2][3]… has symbols as the second function [!], in this guide I will show you where the key is [SHIFT] and how to use it to make your computer work easier.

The key [Shift] on the called laptop or PC and on some keyboards as a Shift key [Mayús] is the one that activates the second function. I will show you which functions are most used when you press this key and which will make your work easier when working on your computer.

Shift the keyboard

In the following images you can see the different presentations that you can find the key [Shift] on a computer with Windows operating system and key [shift] on Mac.

You can find them in different graphic designs, but basically the location is the same.

Shift button
which key is shift on Mac
which is the Shift key on the PC

Shift Key functions

7 functions you should know the key [shift] and this will make it easier to write and work in general when typing on your computer.

NOTE: You should hold down the key [SHIFT] until you press the last mentioned key.

  1. [Shift] + [Letra] : Capitalize while holding down the key [Shift]
  2. [Shift] + [9 / )] : This key shows us as the second function «closing parentheses», so when you press the key [shift] and press the key [9] it will write us the closing of the parentheses.
  3. [Shift] + [Supr] : With the combination of these keys in Windows, you can delete any file or folder permanently (without going through the recycle bin).
  4. [Shift] + [Ctrl] + [N] : Open a new Google Chrome window in incognito mode.
  5. [Shift] + [Tab] : If the mouse does not work, with these keys you can move to the window of your internet browser.
  6. [Shift] + Left mouse button: Allows you to select the text on which the mouse cursor passes.
  7. [Shift] Press 5 times: If we take this step, a «Special Keys» window will open.

These are the most used functions on the day you work in front of your computer, if you want to learn more keyboard shortcuts, you can access

Shift key on Mac

What’s the Shift key on my Mac? Here you have the image and the 5 key combinations [shift] on a Mac computer.

which is the Shift key on my Mac
  1. [Shift] + [Comando – D] : Open the desktop folder.
  2. [Shift] + [Comando – L] : Open the «downloads» folder.
  3. [Shift] + [Comando – N] : Create a folder.
  4. [Shift] + [Comando – O] : Open the documents folder.
  5. [Shift] + [Comando – C] : Open the «Computer» window

Now that you know the basic functions of the key [SHIFT], let’s do it !!!