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What is OSD on a TV

What is OSD on a TV

OSD of a TV, is a menu that appears on the TV screen and allows access to all available options to configure channels, image, sound, among other issues. It is a feature of modern TVs, which are the ones with the most configuration options. If you want to know how to use it, don’t miss all the information about using OSD.

OSD is a term which, translated, means «Screen display«. Thanks to the OSD, which you can access from the on-screen menu, with the help of the TV remote control, you can configure everything you need to adapt the channel display. The general options available for OSD are listed below.

one Display menu titles

In general, when we access the OSD menu, we can access all the titles we can access. These could be:

  • Picture
  • elections
  • Sound
  • Set
  • Day and time
  • Timer
  • Factory Settings

For navigate through the various OSD menu options, you can control the remote control via the «up» and «down» commands «+» and «-«. In some remote controls there will be a back arrow to return to the previous option, an «Enter» option to select and the image of a house or similar to exit the screen.


Port activation

Port activation

Inside OSD TV menu, you can access to enable or disable ports. This is very useful if, for example, you want to access the contents of a connected multimedia device, USB or other external equipment.

For this I access TV ports, and from here you can watch TV or other multimedia content hosted on another device. For example, you can connect a laptop to a TV. The port names will appear on the screen so you can access the one you need.




The simplest option we can make from the OSD menu is channel selection, either by antenna or by cable. From this option we can search all available TV channels, we can view and organize them to be able to access them from the numeric keypad of the remote control.

In addition, you can update the channel list from time to time or delete the ones we don’t care about.

OSD menu It is very common on TVs, but we can see it on other devices, because through it we can make several configuration options. With a little practice you will be able to control it without problems.

Did you know …

In October 1925, John Logie Baird made the first television show, it was the image of a human face.

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