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What is dedicated hosting? Advantages and disadvantages

What is dedicated hosting?  Advantages and disadvantages

If you have a website with large amounts of visits and / or resource consumption, you definitely want better performance. Dedicated hosting can be the solution to increase the performance of web pages or applications. Although this type of server has many virtues, sometimes they are not well known. Most people do not know when it is best to use it or what to see when choosing one.

If you have any doubts, we will clarify them all by analyzing in this post dedicated server: What it is, how it works, what are its advantages and disadvantages.

Dedicated server What is it?

Are servers with higher and better performance that are not shared with other users. To give you a better understanding of what a dedicated server is, let’s start by briefly explaining what a shared server is.

Shared hosting is a personal space reserved on a server that is shared by several users. It can host multiple websites by sharing hosting capacity in smaller spaces. The owners of these hosts share server resources with others, for example: disk space, RAM, CPU, bandwidth, monthly transfer, IP, among others.

To make viewing even easier, imagine that the shared server is a multi-storey building. Each floor is the individual accommodation space that houses those who live there. They need to share resources and a common space.

Dedicated servers are another story, it’s like deciding to buy your own house. Those who decide on dedicated hosting can manage and have your own server. This guarantees autonomy in the administration of the website and the possibility to host many other websites, if you wish.

Dedicated hosting types

There are currently two classes of dedicated server, these are:

  • With Windows operating system. Ideal when you want to do a project in ASP.
  • Those who use Linux operating system. If you use php.

Dedicated hosting functions

  • Dedicated hosting will allow you to have several areas.
  • Will be customer managed. They guarantee autonomy when managing the website.
  • Will allow set up your way server or develop applications in languages ​​that are not supported by shared servers.
  • They can be too administered by the supplier.
  • You have no limitations bandwidth and disk space.
  • If you are going to work with large databases or you will have a large number of simultaneous visits, and then optimize the performance of your application or webpage.

The difference will be visible compared to the performance of shared hosting. If you are interested in optimizing the speed and performance of your page or application, we encourage you to visit

Advantages and disadvantages of dedicated servers

We have gathered some advantages and disadvantages of dedicated hosting to give you an idea.


  • You will have all the power and resources hardware just for you. Your website will never go bad because of your neighbors who have a lot of traffic.
  • In most cases, these servers are also managed by the supplier. So don’t worry if you don’t want to do it or don’t have the necessary knowledge.
  • You will be aware of everything. I’m safer because you can know what’s going on with your server anytime.
  • It is the ideal solution if you need all the bandwidth because of the high traffic your website has.


Despite the advantages of dedicated hosting, two major disadvantages can be mentioned:

  • Big price: Because it gives you so many resources, the cost of this server is much higher than that of a shared server.
  • You have to face big changes: In order for you to move your website from shared to dedicated hosting, you may need to hire a system administrator. You can also learn how to navigate the new environment on your own, but it’s not always easy.

Should I switch to a dedicated server?

Maybe this is the uncertainty that devours many users. Due to the price and complexity of dedicated servers, I’m not sure if switching servers will actually be beneficial. Is a dedicated server good? The short answer is YES, it is very good. You will have more security and better use of all resources offers, you can do whatever you want with it.

When to switch from shared hosting to dedicated hosting?

Although the dedicated server is definitely very good, not all users need to be changed to one of them. Both solutions, dedicated or shared server, are viable. Much will depend on the needs of each user and the goals to be achieved.

You can start thinking about changing the server when:

  • You start to have tops of views and the web has crashed.
  • the database has grown a lot.
  • You start to notice that queries become slow.
  • You get to bandwidth limit.
  • When you see a high node usage.