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What is CCleaner and what is it for: good or bad?

Qué es CCleaner y para qué sirve: Es bueno o malo?

Ccleaner is one of the most popular cleaning programs and, as the name suggests, serves virtually to remove unnecessary files and free up storage space. The program is available for Windows and as an application for Android. Probably, in both cases, it is not necessary at present.

What is CCleaner and what is it for

For starters, CCleaner is a software developed by Piriform, the same developer behind the popular Recuva software for recovering deleted files and which unfortunately was bought by Avast in July 2017. The idea of ​​the program is to clean the garbage from the computer where it is installed, such as be browsing history, cache, program residues, empty folders, thumbnails, etc.

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Another key feature of CCleaner is that it allows you to optimize your computer’s performance if it is slow. Basically, see which programs work in the background or in RAM and delete them from there, working as a RAM release or Task Killer. Although this is required in Windows, Android already manages RAM automatically and this is counterproductive. In addition, Android already incorporates a button to close applications, which has the same effect.

It’s good or bad

In the beginning, CCleaner was a highly recommended program and application, especially in Windows, where it did a really good job cleaning up my trash, registry and my favorite part, removing the remnants of poorly installed or uninstalled programs. In fact, it was the first cleaning program I installed on my computer, and I repeatedly recommended it to Android users as a first cleaning option, despite the fact that it’s only a fraction as powerful as it used to be. on the PC. It still conforms well to some of these sections, but at present I no longer like it because of what is explained below.

CCleaner stopped being one of my favorite programs when I found out that Avast bought the Piriform developer and its creations, including CCleaner. After this purchase, unwanted behavior was observed in the software, such as the fact that it was automatically updated without the user’s permission, ie ignoring the configuration set to not update. CCleaner has also been known to collect anonymous user information through its «Active Monitoring» feature. Again, in this case, even if the option were disabled, the program would be forced to restart it after restarting or reopening it, something quite suspicious according to MakeUseOf. Finally, when you closed the program, it was still active in the Windows taskbar, where even when you right-click there was no «Exit» option. You had to press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open the Windows task manager and force it to close.

On Android, CCleaner also does what it says, although the free version currently offers minimal benefits and is even counterproductive to use as I explained above. In addition, today’s phones and tablets already bring their own system cleaning and optimization tools. And if this does not meet your expectations, they are better alternative to CCleaner as SDMaid.

Is Ccleaner safe?

Despite being a security firm, Avast was ridiculed when it appeared that CCleaner had been hacked and that it was a source of malware distribution. The problem has already been fixed, but it is not the only bad thing that has happened since its acquisition by Avast, as I explained before.

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