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What is and how to remove a «Trojan dropper» virus or malware from my PC or Android?

What is and how to remove a "Trojan dropper" virus or malware from my PC or Android?

If you’ve been using computers and cell phones for a while, you’ve probably heard of «malware.» So, if you’ve been wondering what it is how to remove a trojan dropper virus or malware? Well, here we will talk about this important topic.

We have always been exposed to threats against our computers. Since computer viruses have always existed to threaten us. Unfortunately, they have evolved and can now infect even our mobile phones. In this case, we will talk about Trojan Dropper, which is a malware, very different from a common worm or virus.

What is a Trojan Dropper malware?

Trojan viruses are known for their ease in infecting computer equipment. Putting their integrity at high risk so being infected with them can lead to problems even with our computer hardware. Some even damage the cache, that is responsible for saving useful system files.

The case of Trojan Dropper is very special because they are a type of Trojan that carries malware and is very effective in its activity. Can come disguised as any useful program which we want to install on our computer. In addition, it will have the ability to damage any type of information.

One of the factors that make them so harmful and dangerous once the computer infected us. Is that they can be camouflaged as key folders of the system, so it is very difficult to identify at first glance what they are. For this reason, there have been cases where applications are installed and bring these viruses with them, it is essential to protect yourself from these malware.

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Another determining factor is that these viruses can infect any type of file. Moving from programs to any media file, this is very harmful to our mobile devices. Since these they constantly receive multimedia information.

How can I remove it from my PC and Android?

If we already we got infected with some dropsWe will notice it immediately, because both our PC and our mobile phone will become very slow and difficult to operate. For this reason, we need to act as quickly as possible on the computer. We will need to use an antivirus to identify and remove the threat.

We can do it use some like 360 or any other antivirus that allows you to have a trial version. In this case, we will use the free version of Avast, which we will find on its main page. What we need to do is install it and scan our system. If all goes well, the virus will be eliminated.

If we’re from Android, what we can do in the first instance will be turn on your mobile phone in safe mode. When the upload is complete, we need to go to the configuration section. Once here we can go to the application manager, from there we have to look for an application that has a meaningless name and delete it.

To eliminate it we will do just like when we delete any application, click it and tap the uninstall button. Because we are in safe mode, we will not have problems with permission and we can delete this application and any other application.

Tips to Avoid Infection with a Trojan Dropper

As in many cases, the best advice to avoid infection is to be very careful when installing applications. That both on our computer and on our mobile phone, this is what is always said about this topic. However it is known that it is very difficult to identify when an application is harmful.

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In these cases we can avoid install modified applications. These are very common when we want to get a program that uses a license, completely free. Unfortunately, we don’t know if the licensee adds harmful content. Or it may also be the case that someone else downloaded the application to introduce malware into it.

This is very common on the internet and more so than these pirated programs they have no support. They don’t even have a community to support and supervise them. For this reason, it is always better to obtain our software legally, through its official websites or through the application store.