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What is a .ODT file and how to open it on PC, Android or iPhone?

What is a .ODT file and how to open it on PC, Android or iPhone?

There are many types of files that can be played on different devices, such as opening an .ARF file, opening .MOV files, and more. In this case, if you have ever come across an .ODT file and you don’t know what it is and how to open it on different devices, you have come to the right place. Stay here and find out quickly What is a .ODT file and how to open it on PC, Android or iPhone?

What is the .ODT file?

.ODT files belong to the .ODF file family, and are open the file format which is based on XML, which should be a text storage format. These file types can contain text documents and other specific data, such as graphics, images, spreadsheets, presentations, and the like.

These files are created by programs such as Free Office and Open Office, which are some of the best current alternatives to Microsoft Office, mainly because they have a completely free license, which allows you to open Word Docx or Doc files without using Microsoft Office, among other tasks.

Another advantage of these programs and .ODT files is that allows easy and fast data transfer from one operating system to another, due to its wide compatibility with the best operating systems currently in use.

How to open .ODT file extension on PC, Android or iPhone?

If you have a .ODT file on any device and you don’t know how to open it, then you are in the right place, because below we will explain how to open it, on your PC, Android or iPhone.

document extension odt empty free office

Open your .ODT: file on your computer

One of the easiest and easiest ways to open this type of file is with the program from which it originally came, which is Libre Office, which you can download from official site, free and without paid licenses. But if you prefer not to download external applications, you can simply use Word, all you have to do is right-click on the file with the .ODT extension, and then select Open With> Word.

You also have the option to convert a file to a Word document or other format of your choice online so that you can open it on your computer without the need for external programs or applications.

In addition, you can open and edit .ODT files online through Microsoft Word Online and Google DriveTo do this with the latter, you must first open your Gmail account, then select the More apps icon, and then click Drive. Then you need to select the + button in the left pane and then you need to select Upload a new file and from there you will upload your .ODT file to your computer.

After that, you need to right click on the file to open it with Google Docs, when it opens you need to click File> Download as from there, choose the format that suits you, because you will have many options to choose from, including Microsoft Word, the most recommended, so you can speak it on your PC.

The above options may work on macOS and Linux, but if you want specific applications that open .ODT files on these operating systems, then You can use NeoOffice for Mac and Calligra Suite for Linux, or use the Libre Office option for these operating systems.

Open your .ODT file: On Android or iPhone

The most practical and secure way to open these files on Android mobile phones is through Google Drive application, which you can easily download from the Play Store or also the option to download the OpenDocument Reader application.

download the document odt google docs

In the case of iPhone, you can download the application OOReader from the iOS App Store, which in the free version only allows you to view the .ODT file, but with the premium version you can comfortably edit the document, in addition to all ODF formats.

Did you find it interesting to know what a .ODT file is and how to open it on different devices? So go and put into practice what you have learned with us so that you can see how you will be an absolute expert in opening these filesAlso, if you know friends who need this knowledge, share the post with them!