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What if you like Facebook and remove it

si le doy me gusta y luego lo quito en facebook

A few weeks ago, I received a few concerns that indicate pretty much the same thing and whose headlines are: if you like Facebook and remove it second also, if I like it and then remove it from Facebook. Well, in the next article called: what if you like Facebook and delete it We want to answer this so that he knows clearly everything that happens when a Facebook like is given and is deleted immediately (at the second) or is deleted at a later time and most importantly, if the receiver or a another person who received that passenger who gave and who was eliminated.

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What if you like Facebook and remove it · [ACLARACIÓNES INICIALES]

As many will already know, reactions that appear on Facebook to posts from other users, as well as reactions to pages or groups it can be canceled or removed without any problems or inconveniences immediately or when it is deemed appropriate to do so.

Now, it is possible to point out that when a person reacts to another person’s post on Facebook, that other person receives a notification of that activity in which the person who gave it, the time and time the post is indicated.

However, there are some Facebook users who have set up their notifications on Facebook and in this way, continue to receive notifications about their biography posts, appreciations and other reactions to their posts, etc. and thus, they are not notified of this type of activity, this being a factor that must be taken into account when speculating whether the person found out about the likes they gave.

Having said and clarified the above, we will now explain what might happen when you like it and remove it on Facebook, assuming you have enabled this type of notification.

What if you like Facebook and you delete the second one? [3 CASOS]

To answer this question, we have divided it into three situations or cases that could arise in this situation, so that they have an absolute clarity of what happens if they like Facebook and eliminate it.

They like it, remove it and that user is logged in · [CASO #1]

The first case is when you like it, remove it and that person is currently connected to Facebook. Well, that person will instantly receive a notification indicating that activity, appreciating the bell icon that appears in the options on the top right (if it’s on a computer).

if I like it and then I post it on facebook

If the person is curious and has time, you can open the notifications menu (1 click on the ringtone) and from all the notifications you have (if you have many) you will be able to see who liked it and in which publication (2 notifications about this).

if I like it and then I post it on facebook

However, if you want to go and review that post, you won’t find that like or reaction you gave in that post, probably causing you a surprise.

if I like it and then I post it on facebookThis post had a previous appreciation, but the new appreciation that the notification indicates does not appear.

One thing to post here is that if that person entered the web version of Facebook and updated that Facebook page or opened a new page or tab on their Facebook, the notification that it was removed will not appear. the second on that updated page or your new Facebook page or tab.

if I like it and then I post it on facebook

Finally and in this case, it can be said that the similar notification reaches that user, but there is a possibility that he may not review or see it.

They like it, delete it and that user is logged in, does not see it and logs out · [CASO #2]

The other interesting case to dissect is when the person is online when they liked it and removed the second one and even then, they do not check the notification and do not log out of their Facebook account.

In this case, when you return to log in to your Facebook account that person will not see that notification that they did not see when they previously logged out. That is, in other words, there will be no evidence that they liked it and eliminated it.

What if you like it on facebook and you delete the second one

They like it, remove it and that user is offline · [CASO #3]

In the latter case, it happens when that person is disconnected or not online in his Facebook account and you like him and remove him immediately.

Well, at the moment log in to facebook that person will not see any notification indicating that he liked a publication of his own and, of course, will not even know about his activity or reaction that they deleted.

What if you like it on facebook and you delete the second one

The problem or doubt here is to be able to know if, when I give, I like that person has been disconnected or not and it is something difficult to know.

In short, this is it what if you like Facebook and remove it second or, after a while. If the other person is online, they will receive the notification or notification, but if they review it, they will not see such things because they have taken it before and if they are users are disconnected, the notification will not appear in the ringtone and thus will not find out.