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What does the word «ward» mean in Facebook comments?

What does the word "ward" mean in Facebook comments?

Ward It is a word that has started to become popular, curious, in the comments of the social network Facebook. However, despite the fact that they are widely used lately, not all users know their significance. If you are a regular user of the social network Facebook and you were curious to know the origin of this word, do not miss the explanation below.

Where does the word «section» on Facebook come from?

You will usually find it as «section«But you may find it spelled differently as ‘guardian’ or ‘juard.’ The truth is that the meaning is similar. This common word in Facebook comments means «Save.»

Facebook users, use this expression in a comment when you want to save content. By typing this word into a link, image or video, they will be able to view it later.

But where does this expression come from? «Ward» is a word for a MOBA tool in the game League or Legends DotA. This tool allows to obtain the vision on an area in a certain period of time.

Therefore, the word «section» means «get vision»And it is suitable for using Facebook comments. To «WARD»» We have a vision «about a particular publication and will help us check for updates or more of its contents.

How do you find a «section» comment?

You’re probably wondering how a user can locate the comment «section»You did it in a certain publication. It’s as simple as accessing the activity history in the option Set From Facebook. The last comments made will appear here and in this way it is possible to locate the file of interest in Facebook page you want to access.

Putting the word «ward» or something similar in Facebook comments is nothing more than a fad that has established and spread among social network users.

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