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What does the blue ticket on Tinder mean?

que quiere decir el ticket azul en tinder

For some time, some Tinder users have searched and reported on the Internet that when they dragged profiles on Tinder, they saw that one or more user profiles have a blue ticket or check contiguous with the name and age of the user or users and which, of course, causes them a certain curiosity and concern about what this really means blue icon on tinder. Well, don’t say anything … Next article called: What does the blue ticket on Tinder mean? aims to clarify this concern, but in addition, we will explain how important or valuable this is blue ticket on tinder When it comes to interaction and finally how to have one in your profile, keep reviewing it.

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What does the blue ticket on Tinder mean? [Qué quiere decir el ckeck azul]

In simple and forceful words, the blue ticket next to a Tinder user name means or means that the person has verified their identity on Tinder and that the person behind that profile is absolutely real and, in other words, is flesh and blood.

However, this does not mean that profiles that do not have that blue ticket on Tinder are all fake or of people who have created a profile with photos of someone or taken from the Internet …. Well, how will you understand? identity verification on Tinder It has appeared in recent months and every Tinder user is free to verify their identity or not (it is not an obligation) and many – so far – have not done so, so neglect and do not panic.

The importance of the blue ticket on Tinder

In the dark and gloomy times that unfold, it is unforgettable to have a certain security to move calmly in the real and virtual world as in the applications of meeting people and thus not to be disappointed or to feel cheated by someone who has a fake profile, just like in Tinder.

For this simple reason, a blue ticket on tinder would be an excellent badge for confirms the truth and gives peace of mind to the interlocutor from the beginning (at the match or anyone slips the profile) and if some users have accessed this verification, it is simply to prove this authenticity to other users in the first place.

This measure of perfect verification of your Tinder can be done by you and thus projecting to other users that idea of ​​authenticity that could be an incentive for other users to feel interested in you (as their profile) also so that they can check their own profiles and the Tinder community comes from real people and not from fake profiles.

How to verify identity on Tinder [Tener un perfil con ticket azul en Tinder]

Certainly, and as I pointed out above, all Tinder users can log in to verify their Tinder account and show others that they are real and not the product of the imagination or someone who looks like you.

To verify your Tinder identity, all you need to do is sign in to your Tinder account and then go to your profile section and here, click on the gray ticket circle next to your name and age.

what does blue ticket on tinder mean

After the above, a central window will open where they are ordered to show that they are real by taking two selfies that, if they match what they indicate, they will be able to verify their identity and do so, they will press this button says: «Next”.

What does the blue ticket on tinder mean?

Then, it will be reported in the central window that the facial recognition technology will be used to perform the said verification and, in addition, it will be clarified that the selfies will not be added to your profile, but that if they are kept for future checks and if they are accordingly, they will continue the check on Tinder by pressing the button that says: “Check me«And they will follow the instructions given to them.

what blue tilde means in tinder

Finally, the answer in this article is: what the blue ticket on Tinder means this concern and which you can do to check your Tinder profile.