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What does «IDGI» mean and how is it used?

What does "IDGI" mean and how is it used?

IDGI is a common internet abbreviation that finds its way into Reddit threads and Facebook comments. But what does it mean? How do you use IDGI and where does it come from?

I do not understand

IDGI is the abbreviation «I don’t understand». It is used to express that you really cannot understand a joke or an idea. In most cases, IDGI is used as a message to get more information: «IDGI, explain it to me.» Of course, it can have a contemptuous or joking tone, just like the phrase «I don’t understand it» in the real world.

And that’s all it takes! IDGI is a surprisingly simple slang on the internet. Even the history of the word, although long, is quite simple.

IDGI has a long and empty history

Some slang on the internet, such as Kr or Yet, have close ties to real-world pop culture. Other terms, such as GLHF, have a great history in the world of competitive games. But IDGI is a bit unusual. It has existed forever, but it doesn’t have much history.

IDGI appears on the slang lists on the internet that are back in 1997. We would imagine that the abbreviation predates 1997, but does not appear in any of lists of abbreviations end 80s or early 90s which I found through files like that

A woman typing on an old keyboard.

From what we can tell, IDGI has never left a mark on the world. It’s a popular term that still appears in group chats and Reddit threads, but people have made no effort to track the history of the term or archive its use.

In fact, there is A part of the written history of IDGI. One entry overloaded from Urban dictionary Since 2014, a user named Fieldy502 theorizes that IDGI was invented «before 2004» and repopulated in 2012 by students at the University of Central Florida.

But we can’t find anything to support this strangely specific statement. In fact, the data from Google trends, a tool that tracks keyword searches, shows that they are IDGI searches reduced in 2012. If the term grew in popularity that year, we can assume that more people would put its definition on Google.

How is IDGI used?

A man wondering how to use IDGI

As I mentioned earlier, IDGI is a fairly short and dry abbreviation. You can use it wherever you say «I don’t understand».

IDGI could be a response to a joke or an opinion you don’t understand. If someone sent you a weird meme, for example, you could reply with a simple «IDGI» or even «IDGI, what’s the joke?»

Just like in real life, you can use IDGI to be rude or sarcastic. For example, you might respond to a silly joke or an opinion with «IDGI, tell a joke?» Don’t expect to make friends this way!

While IDGI does not follow strange grammatical rules, it is worth noting that (and other informal abbreviations) are often written in lower case (idgi). Feel free to wear any shape you feel comfortable.