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What does «FYI» mean in an email or e-mail?

What does "FYI" mean in an email or e-mail?

FYI It is an abbreviation that you can find in the emails you receive every day. As with other acronyms, these types of abbreviations have been integrated into written e-mail communications and conversations in both social and work areas. The reason for its widespread use seems to be due to the saving of time in writing. But what does «FYI» mean?

What is the meaning of the acronym FIY?

FIY is an acronym for the English term «For your information»Which in Spanish can be translated as«For your information«. It is mainly used in emails when you want to draw the attention of relevant information to the recipient.

When you use them, they can be integrated into both the body of the text and the subject when sending a message. In this way, the recipient will identify the e-mail received with informative content. One of the peculiarities of this acronym is that an answer is not necessary, because it indicates that it is an informative note.

What other acronyms are used in the workplace?

use of acronyms It has spread to the workplace and is a feature that users should be aware of. For this reason, it is convenient to know which are the most used acronyms, besides FYI:

  • JFYI «For your information only»: It is a variant of the acronym FYI for the same purpose, to provide an information note
  • FYA «For your action / for your attention»: When using this acronym, it is important to emphasize that the recipient must respond to it and perform the requested action.
  • FGY «For your guidance»: In this case, the email indicates a series of actions that are intended to guide the recipient to perform a specific action
  • as soon as possible «As soon as possible»: the use of this acronym means that the issuer expects to perform a task with a certain urgency

Now you know what FYI means, but you should know that the use of acronyms is not limited to the workplace. The increasing use of social media, made the abbreviations used more and more to designate all kinds of reactions. This is the case with GMOs, LOL, WTF, among others.

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There are also less formal acronyms, which workers use colloquially. It is the case TGIF or Thank God it’s Friday «Thank God it’s Friday.»

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