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What does «FTFY» mean and how is it used?

What does "FTFY" mean and how is it used?

That AMA Yes YES IT IS, FTFY is popular on websites such as Reddit and Twitter. But what does it mean, who came with it and how can you use it?

What this means?

FTFY is the abbreviation for «fix this for you». People often use Reddit and Twitter to amuse their opinions, grammar or the work of others. It is universally understood as sarcasm, although, like any joke, FTFY can be rude or aggressive.

However, there are some situations where FTFY is really useful. For example, after solving a problem for a coworker, you can send the message «FTFY». After fixing broken links in a thread, a Reddit moderator can also post «FTFY» to indicate that everything is square.

However, these situations are rare on most of the internet.

A long and quiet story

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The origin of FTFY is unknown, but a sample phrase was first added to Urban dictionary in 2005. From this example, it appears that FTFY was originally a fully authentic and non-sarcastic phrase, such as the following:

«I can’t see the picture.»«Okay, FTFY.»

In time, it turned into something more sardonic. The Internet was much more practical, even for people who used it only at random. Given this, it makes sense that FTFY started out as a useful phrase.

Courts like the example I used above could have started on internet forums that relied on annoying formatting tags (such as BBCode ) to embed images in posts. Or it could refer to programming, website building or profiling on websites such as MySpace (which included some CSS, the language used to design the HTML code for the website).

Every year, fewer people have a reason to format the code on web pages. This could explain why FTFY is now used sarcastically. Around 2009 or ’10, the FTFY was turned into a meme and generated sarcastic subreddits such as / r / FTFY. According Google trends, the abbreviation reached its peak in popularity in 2012 and has been in decline ever since.

Now, FTFY is just one of many unpopular abbreviations floating around Reddit. Again, it is still known and used predominantly as a sarcastic term. However, programmers, content creators and journalists who work on the Internet and also communicate with their colleagues through it, sometimes still really use FTFY.

How is FTFY used?

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Do you want to learn FTFY like a pro? Good! Suppose you open a Reddit thread about sitcoms. See a post that says, » Seinfeld it’s the best sitcom of all time, «but you don’t agree. You can quote the Reddit post, edit it to read: » I like Lucy is the best sitcom of all time ”and then add“ FTFY ”after the quote.

This is a fairly dry but typical example. You meet someone, change a few words and then add FTFY. This formula works for almost any situation, from silly conversations about cats to violent verbal political discussions.

But if you want to use FTFY in a non-sarcastic way? Well, you have to start solving people’s problems! Fix a person’s mistake in a Facebook group description, or invite colleagues to skip a Google Calendar group. So you can use FTFY without making a joke.

Keep in mind that your friends may not know what FTFY means. You may need to fix them.