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Westinghouse Smart TV remains on the logo ✓ 【SOLUTION】

Westinghouse Smart TV remains on the logo ✓ 【SOLUTION】

Smart TV They have become essential at home, and the options we have with this device are many, such as enjoying television and, in turn, the ability to install applications, whether it’s streaming content, music and even social networks. There are several issues associated with a TV and a fairly common one is that it stays on the logo and does not offer videos. It happened to you in Westinghouse Smart TV?, Here we will explain why this happens and help you solve them.

Westinghouse Smart TV does not offer any videos

When a Smart TV stays on the logo and does not offer videos, it happens because something is happening and not exactly a good thing, because, in general, this is a problem that occurs quite often and that, although it has a solution in the same way we are scared because we do not know what to do and we think that the TV has already reached its useful life, being unusable.

Although it is a problem, you have to be calm, because there is a simple solution that could be used to solve it quickly, here we will help you and you must follow all the steps that we will detail so that it could solve the problem and you can enjoy Smart TV again

You should know that we have two options for which Westinghouse Smart TV remains in the logo, the first is that there is a damage to the software, and the other much more complicated option is that the damage is related to the device board (in this case it is very necessary to go to a specialized technical service).

The first and most important thing we need to do is identify the problem, if it lights up, but stays on the logo and does not give video, most likely the problem is related to software damage, so we will explain the solution for you then:

  • All we have to do is download and reinstall the Westinghouse Smart TV firmware, this must be original to avoid problems with the TV again, and this process must be completed by a person «informed» about the because it is a program that we need to download and then run on TV, in any case, if you think you can’t do it, you will have to turn to a technical service or someone who is able to help you. with the process to be followed.

Westinghouse Smart TV will not activate

If what I mentioned above is completed and even so the problem is not solved, what can happen is that the problem is much more complicated and related to the TV card and if so you have two different options, and you should take the one that suits you best:

  • Go to the technical service of the brand, check if the product has a warranty from the manufacturer or the store from which it was purchased, if so, you can take it to the technical service and maybe the repair has no cost, it is even possible to replace the TV with a new one.
  • Go to a technical service specializing in TVs and see the brand in question. It could be high value, but much cheaper than paying for the brand’s technical service.

You have another problem with yourself Westinghouse Smart TV? Leave us a comment and we will help you solve all your doubts.