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Western Digital announces 14 TB HD

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Hard disks are hard to get used to after you start using one SSD , but they are still very important, especially on servers. Aware of this, Western Digital has announced a hard drive that offers a capacity of at least 14 TB: Ultrastar Hs14, which will be sold under the subsidiary brand HGST.

The 3.5-inch device has a 6 Gb / s SATA interface (gigabits per second) or a 12 Gb / s SAS interface, a 512 MB buffer, 7200 RPM and a data transfer rate of up to 233 MB / s (megabits per second).

In part, the very large storage capacity is due to the latest version of Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR) technology, which increases the density of the disc by reducing the space between the pieces to the point where they almost stack like tiles on the ceiling.

Western Digital also highlights the fourth generation of HelioSeal technology, which allows the inside of the unit to be filled with helium. This gas has a lower density than air, which allows the disks to be closer to each other. Therefore, each drive has multiple disks, and therefore there is a larger storage capacity.

14 TB is a pretty impressive number, but it comes with a concern: if the hard drive fails, a large amount of data will be lost. It is indeed a risk, but Western Digital finds that Ultrastar Hs14 is designed for business applications that, as such, must have a scheduled backup routine or contingency plan.

Regardless, the company notes that HD is able to operate 24 hours a day. MTBF (reliability indicator that estimates the average time between failures; the longer the better) is 2.5 million hours, and the warranty is five years.

According to Western Digital, some OEM partners are already receiving Ultrastar Hs14 for testing. Prices have not been reported by the company, but based on HGST’s portfolio value history, the model is estimated to cost around $ 650.

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