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Ways to encourage and celebrate your child’s uniqueness

Ways to encourage and celebrate your child's uniqueness

One of the most amazing aspects of raising a child is to see your child growing up from a bABY small and helpless a child with full rights full of opinions, ideas, preferences, style and oddities.

Yes, sometimes we probably want our vibrant and challenging preschooler to be a pink-cheeked child again, but the truth is that watching your child grow up is a real gift, no matter how exaggerated it may be.

All children are unique in their own way and one of our main jobs as parents is cultivate those qualities in our children who make them who they are. It’s not as easy as it sounds, especially since life is full of challenges. However, in many ways, it is simpler than we think, and the rewards are endless.

How children’s personalities are formed

Experts agree that a child’s personality is not fully formed until he gets to elementary school . Then it becomes clear if your child has more introverted or outgoing tendencies, how open they are to new experiences, how creative their minds are, and how organized (or terribly disorganized!) Their approach to life is.

Your child’s personal style, interests, and passions may begin to take shape at that age, although it may not be until teenagers or teenagers when you find out if you are creating a real fanatic al sports , a real bookworm, a technology genius or a theater lover.

At the same time, almost any parent will tell you that their child’s «essence» or temperament became apparent shortly after birth.

While ours personality is determined Because of things like parenting, adversity, and socioeconomic status, the essence of who we are and what makes each of our “vibrations” unique is often something we were born with. Mothers will often say that they «knew» who their babies were in their womb.

The benefits of embracing your child’s uniqueness

While there is certainly some influence that parents can have on those who will eventually become our children, the essence of who their child is is not really something that can be changed much.

Realize that this is a light bulb moment for many parents who might try to do this pressure their children to be something they are not, or something they, as parents, would like their child to be.

The truth is, no matter how awkward it may be at times, hugging the child for who he is is one of the best gifts you can give.

Here are some of the key benefits of embracing your child’s uniqueness:

Connection and self-confidence

Not only will you strengthen your connection with your child, but he will give your child confidence You have to take this personality and share it with the rest of the world.

The power to make a difference

A child loved for who he is – differences and all – is a child who can come into your life with courage, mental hardness and the means to make the world a better place.

The strength to face adversity

They will be better prepared to face the challenges of others, because no matter how terrible you think about it, your child will meet cruelty and intolerance at some point in life.

Tolerance of others

Raising children with a foundation of self-confidence and self-esteem will help them withstand any storms they encounter and will allow them to accept the differences of others with the same. level of acceptance .

How to help your child accept their uniqueness

Actually , feed your child’s true spirit is easier than you think and many of these are related to the things you should do Stop Because cultivating your child’s inner self means taking a step back and letting them shine for who they are.

Let the child select their own extracurricular activities

Yes, you may have imagined your son in the minor leagues or as a piano superstar, but sometimes what you imagine for your son is not where his heart leads him.

Each child has their own unique gifts. Allow them autonomy find the activities that fit your style.

Let the child dress alone (as much as possible)

This is a difficult question, especially since appearances mean so much to many of us. But an easy way to let your child’s uniqueness shine is by giving them a voice to choose from. wardrobe. and get dressed.

Each child has their own personal style and allowing them to dress on their own is a great way to promote positive self-expression.

Promotes bodily autonomy

body of Your son It belongs to them and only them. This is a powerful lesson, not only in the name of encouraging your child’s uniqueness, but also in protecting their personal safety.

As much as possible, let the child decide what happens to his body: what he wears, what he eats, with whom he interacts and how he interacts with it.

Give your child a safe space to express their feelings

No one wants to let a child scream for 45 minutes about food green beans But at the same time, if something bothers your child, no matter how stupid it may seem, you always want your child to know that you are taking their feelings. Seriously.

Because the next time you cry about something, it could be something more serious than green beans and you want your child to feel that you are a safe person to share your feelings with.

See your child’s mistakes as learning opportunities

Even when your child is wrong, especially in In this case, you should help him see the lesson he can learn. Shame and guilt they are not helpful when your child makes a mistake.

True growth comes from learning from your mistakes and finding the positive even in the most difficult of circumstances.

Work on your own self-esteem issues

We do not realize how much our children look at us as role models. always yes you criticize yourself , emphasizes their own shortcomings and is not willing to accept their own differences, your child will take it seriously.

Becoming a parent is a great opportunity to work on your own «things» and by doing so, you will help your child become the best possible version of himself or herself.

Accept your child’s differences, but don’t rush to change them

Parents are not always our intention, but it is easy to see our children’s differences and we want to push them towards conformable . It is not always easy to raise a child who looks, sounds or acts differently from what we think is acceptable or what society considers «normal».

If you are the parent of an extraordinary and extraordinary child, celebrate this difference. Accept them for what they are and let them shine.

Feeding your child’s uniqueness in times of crisis

Any parent will tell you that the last few months have been a very difficult time for our children because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

School-age children were suddenly pushed into distance education. Playdates are it has become a thing of the past. The child’s life knew it had changed overnight.

However, despite how difficult this has been for our children, many of us have seen them become the most resistant. being . We have seen our children learn to connect with others through different environments (Zoom playdates to win!) And we have seen them learn to connect in new and different ways with their siblings and with us, their trusted parents.

As much as we wish it weren’t, coronavirus pandemic it will not disappear soon. Even when restrictions begin to rise in some places, life as we know it is far from «returning to normal.»

No matter how difficult this may be for our children and no matter how concerned parents understand, such a crisis is still a wonderful opportunity for self-reflection, personal growth and a time to feed ourselves the most unique.

  • Mask using possible that It may not be fun for children, but it can teach them the beauty of making sacrifices for the common good and how each of us can contribute to the good of society in our own special way.
  • The masks come in many colors and styles different; let the child choose one that suits their unique look.
  • Nourish your growing dreams of doctor or scientist, show them the amazing workers and scientists from front line who works tirelessly every day to keep us safe, now and in the future.
  • Sports and other extracurricular activities may be canceled in some places or may look very different than they did before, but that doesn’t mean your child’s dreams and goals are put on hold. Get married or practice social distance It may be different, but it can be an opportunity to teach your child what can be achieved even in times of change and turmoil.
  • Now is a great time to try new things with your child that you may not have considered before. You have a cook, gardener , writer or artist in budding ? Try hobbies that can be done from home.
  • Technology and online life are not always bad. Maybe you have a director or an actor between them. Teaching your child to express themselves through different environments can inspire creativity.

A word from Verywell

Our children have more strength, creativity and knowledge than we often give them credit. Unfortunately, we cannot protect you from the curved balls that life will inevitably throw at you, but we can give you the tools to be the best and most authentic, so that you can live a happy, strong and meaningful life.