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Warning solution: «Download does not stop the target»

Warning solution: "Download does not stop the target"

Downloading does not disable the target is one of the observations that many Android users have seen on their smartphones. This notification appears when the phone is switched on with a single color screen with the letters of the message. The first reaction may be to think that something serious has happened to the terminal, but the truth is that it is much easier to solve than it seems. Let’s see what the solution is to this notification.

What does it mean Downloading does not disable the target?

Downloading does not disable the target It can be translated as «download does not find its destination» and is an error that usually occurs when the system has been reinstalled or a custom ROM has been installed in Androidor, in the same way, an original or modified copy of the operating system.

When the message appears, the terminal is locked and it is not possible to restart it or exit that screen. However, there is a simple method that can be very helpful so that our smartphone works properly again.

What method must be followed to resolve the warning Does the download not disable the target?

Message deletion method Downloading does not disable the target, consists of restarting the phone so that it disappears and starts in normal mode. In this case, depending on the terminal, you have three options:

  • If your cell phone has removable battery, you need to remove it and put it back. Turn on your mobile phone to restart in normal mode
  • If your terminal model does not have a removable battery, you need to press the key Home button together with the on / off button for 30 seconds
  • The third option, if the previous ones were not possible, is to press the key Volume down / volume down key combination

If any of these methods worked, you will see the device vibrate and the mobile logo appear. In this case, if you used either of the two key combination methods, you should proceed to the next step:

  • When you see the logo on the screen, you need to release all the buttons and access the menu Recovery mode
  • Then select «Clear the cache partition»To clear the cache. After performing the procedure, select the option «Restart now»And the terminal will restart in normal mode

If the reason for the message is that you tried to install a ROM, you must remove it completely and reinstall it.

This error occurs frequently on some Samsung models. Specifically in the Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7 in Notes and even in the Samsung Tablet. This error will not be harmful to your device, but it is recommended that you do not install the ROM without having the necessary knowledge to avoid this type of problem.

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Until 1993 the logo was kept three stars, alluding to Samsung’s original Korean meaning: «three stars»

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