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Virtual Box How to install Windows 10 in a virtual machine – Simple tutorial Virtual machines, although little known, are a tool and a …

Virtual Box How to install Windows 10 in a virtual machine - Simple tutorial Virtual machines, although little known, are a tool and a ...

Virtual machines, although little known, are a tool and a useful way to take an operating system of any kind wherever we want. Remember that there are operating systems for computers, smartphones and other devices. Thus,You knew you could install Windows in a virtual machine? If you knew or do not know how, we will explain shortly.

Steps to create a virtual machine for Windows 10

Before you can install Windows 10 on a virtual machine or any other operating system, you must have a virtualization program and be compatible with your operating system. In general, most programs are compatible with Windows, but they also allow you to install Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS X, Netware, among others.

Regarding the steps to follow, these are the following:

  • The main thing is to choose which virtual machine you will use to install Windows 10. You have the option of choose VMware, Oracle VM VirtualBox or Parallels, which are the most popular on the market today.
  • After downloading the program, you must continue with the installation. To do this, you need to look for an .exe file that will be the executable file and allow you to install it locally.

  • Now is the time to download the image of the operating system you want to install, in this case Windows 10. Note that you should know choose between the 32-bit or 64-bit version.
  • At this point, we will continue with the creation of a new virtual machine. Depending on the program you have chosen, the interface may change slightly.
  • From now on, you just have to follow the steps that the program itself offers you and that’s it. The process is quite simple and these programs can generally be in Spanish.

It is important to know that these programs allow you to install two operating systems on the same PC, in case you do not want to install it normally, creating partitions for each operating system.

How to install Windows 10 on VirtualBox using USB?

Before you begin with the steps to follow, it is vital to know that every computer you must meet the minimum system requirements to install the program and, in turn, the operating system to be virtualized. These requirements are as follows:

  • The computer must have 1 Gb of RAM for 32-bit operating systems and 2 Gb for 64-bit operating systems.
  • The processor must operates at a frequency higher than 1 GHz
  • It is recommended that your computer or laptop have a graphics card that supports DirectX 9.
  • A minimum screen resolution must be 800 x 600

install Windows 10 on the virtual machine

Now, the steps to follow install Windows 10 in VirtualBox using a USB stick are as follows:

  1. The first thing you need to do is find out the USB memory ID to use. To do this, you must use the and command box write the following diskmgmt.msc and accept.
  2. Now go to the Windows 10 search box and write discs, then continue with the appropriate selection. When you do, you will know the name of the USB memory, although you can also query through the command prompt by entering diskpart and then typing the disk list to get the information.
  3. Now is the time to access the root of the virtual program, but doing it from the command prompt.
  4. You will now open the command prompt console and run it as an administrator and then continue to type the following command line cd% programfiles% Oracle VirtualBox
  5. Then you will have to enter this new line VBoxManage internalcommands createrawvmdk -filename C: Name.vmdk -rawdisk \. PhysicalDrive #
  6. Now you need to enter the name of the vmdk disk as follows: C: Name.vmdk
  7. At this point is how much you must indicate the USB memory number via PhysicalDrive
  8. Now it’s time to go to the VirtualBox program and from there run the newly created disk
  9. Go to VirtualBox and select the New option, this will allow you to create a new virtual machine from the same USB that you previously configured.
  10. Now you just need to configure parameters such as size, disk capacity and more.
  11. What remains of this is simply that follow the steps as the same program show

how to install Windows 10 in the virtualbox

Is it possible to set up a virtual machine for Mac and Linux?

Yes, the process is similar, but the command lines will change slightly depending on each operating system. But if possible set up a virtual machine so that you can install any operating system. Just make sure that you download the appropriate Windows 10 drivers for Android, in case you want to try to have Android on your computer.

Can Windows 10 be installed on the Ubuntu operating system?

If, for any reason, the entire process mentioned above has failed you, we recommend that you check the integrity of your operating system so that you can determine if you need it. reinstall Windows on your computer without losing data or not. On the other hand, if it is possible to install Windows 10 on an Ubuntu operating system. The big detail or difference is the process which is completely different from what we mentioned in this article.