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Virgin Eyes companies with Flat Rate VPN

Virgin Eyes companies with Flat Rate VPN

Virgin Media has introduced a new virtual private network (VPN) package that offers set bandwidth for a fee.

Big Red VPN comes in packets of 10 Mbits / sec, 100 Mbits / sec and 1 Gbit / sec, for a single annual fee for unsupervised and symmetrical connections.

This will allow companies to choose a package over their current needs to grow, according to VPN Director Alison Adams, making it easier for companies to make the most of their network without worrying about capacity and having a light budget.

Most VPN packets are loaded first for lines and then for the specific bandwidth used, he said, but Virgin Media includes it in a single packet. «We are one of two players in the UK who can do that,» she said. «We’re trying to change things up a little bit.»

He said many companies need to change their VPN system at the beginning of their contracts to meet the growing needs of their business. He quoted a Virgin-sponsored survey as finding that 40% of companies are updated annually at an average cost of £ 30,000.

Pricing details are not available for the Big Red VPN because an individual price will be set for each company, depending on the number of connection sites, line speed and more, he said. «We will work with customers to develop a price,» he said.