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View photos from Facebook without being friends

como ver fotos privadas en facebook

For a long time, we were asked about an effective option for view photos of people on Facebook without being friends and so enjoy reading those suspicious private photos of that user they’re interested in knowing about. Well, in RecursosPrá we set out to make the official, definitive and updated guide of the stalkeador and, therefore, we want to present the following article: View photos from Facebook without being friends which will allow you to clarify certain initial things so that you do not waste time or make a mistake and then we will provide the main way with the real options that matter for rummaging through or seeing private photos of people on Facebook without being friends and not dying trying, review each one carefully (the last may be your salvation).

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View someone’s photos on Facebook without being friends [ACLARACIONES]

First of all, we need to warn you not to venture into anything on the web that offers very easy and free viewing of photos on Facebook without being friends or private profiles. Well, the truth is that not everything that shines is gold … And often it’s a joke, a scam or a way to make money with yourself and you can even win a Trojan by installing weird things there … For this , be very careful and cautious with what they suggest to do, examine the comments (opinions), look for references from other sites and contrast information before doing something.

On the other hand, it is possible to comment on some online services or tricks that have been promoted view photos on Facebook without being friends have expired or no longer work as before, this is the case of the site which closed some time ago or, the alleged trick to enter the source code of the Facebook profile and search for «profileid«This is no longer useful and, in addition, it was partially used to view photos in which that person was tagged only on Facebook.

Now, having said the above, we move on to the culmination of reasonable and feasible solutions to be made, starting with a partial solution, others that require some «Social engineering«To accomplish the task and finally, a solution that they can achieve under their responsibility.

View photos on Facebook without being friends Partial Solution # 1: StalkFace

A dead king, a put king … In Stakscan’s absence, a site called StalkFace which promises practically the same thing, easily and without spying on a Facebook profile.

To use StalkFace, you need to set up Facebook in English and then they have to copy and paste the link of the Facebook user profile they want to follow in the center box and then they can press or click the button that says: «To spy”.

view hidden photos on facebook

But they will also be able to set up a more limited search over a period of time by marking or cutting the circle that precedes the option that says, «In this week«,»This month«Well»This year«And the search starts and even, I can narrow the search to a category or option that appears below and that will report the viewing only of photos, videos, pages they like and so on, a long etcetera that can entertain you knowing a few things about that person.

NOTE NO. 1: The StalkFace service is quite interesting and easy to use. However, it is a partial solution that allows, for example, to see hidden photos in which that person has been tagged, without hacking or to be able to see private things.

View photos from Facebook without being friends Partial Solution # 2: PictureMate

The second solution is a free Google Chrome extension called PictureMate that allows you to view images with anyone on Facebook without any inconvenience. Of course, and just like the previous solution, you can only see photos in which this person has been tagged and if this person has enabled the option to be tagged in photos of friends or contacts on Facebook.

To use PictureMate, you need to search the Google search engine using the Chrome browser: «picturemate«And enter the extension.

google search extension icon

So now, simply add the extension to Chrome by pressing or clicking the button that says, «Add to chrome”.

view photos on facebook without being friends

A center window will open, in which you have to press or click the button that says: «Add extension”.

add the picturemate extension

The extension will begin downloading and installing, and at some point, two tabs will be uploaded to the browser, a chrome web store tab and the other PictureMate tab, indicating that I can use this extension from now on.

how to use paintings

To use PictureMate, you need to sign in to Facebook from your Chrome browser and then go to the profile of the person interested to see their photos and finally click on the PictureMate icon they’ll find on the right in the toolbar. directions and follow the instructions.

see photos on facebook without being a friend

View photos from Facebook without being friends Complete Solution # 3: Social Engineering

The third solution can allow you to view photos on Facebook without being friends with the strange social engineering technique that would open that «the door to paradise«And while it may have a large margin of effectiveness, it is somewhat inconsistent with ethics (it depends on them to be used), but the good thing is that they will avoid using or installing programs and services that can be a hoax.

Add friends to a friend of his [Opción N°1]

A first option here is to add one or more of that person’s friends to Facebook as a friend and so you can see the photos that person was tagged on Facebook, and that would only result if you set up the visibility option: «Friends of my friends«The person with whom he wants his photos, but not least, adding friends of that person, could find comments or reactions from her and, thus, could know other things.

Ask a friend of that person to join Facebook [Opción N°2]

Another option and quite reasonable to execute is to see if they have friends in common with that person and if so, things are very easy … Well, nothing better than to meet one of them with whom you have a some confidence. and ask them on good terms, as well as in a discreet way, to lend them your Facebook to see the profile of that person and, of course, to be able to see their photos on Facebook without being friends and so i can solve this …

Now, the only problem is to have a short time to hide those photos from that person’s Facebook … Unless and as a variant, I can show you in the future the photos that person uploads and thus I don’t die trying.

Create a new Facebook profile [Opción N°3]

Another solution that can be discussed here and that is somewhat mischievous is to be able to create an anonymous Facebook profile, attractive and who has a certain activity on Facebook that makes him look like an interesting person with common tastes. Well, with that profile, you could ask for friendship on Facebook, send a message with a certain social ability and in one way or another, win that friendship and, with it, access that person’s photos on Facebook with this new Facebook account and could even gain empathy from another social network you have.

True, it’s a slightly twisted option, but it can have a pretty good margin of efficiency if create a good Facebook profile And the message I’m sending is good enough for me to answer them, and for that, a lot has been written on the Internet about what should be the first message that is sent to a person who is not known in a network. social, to investigate.

Well, these are some social engineering options that could be realized when the need and curiosity can be more and certainly not the only ones … It’s a problem to create a custom option to be able to see that user’s photos from Facebook.

View photos from Facebook without being friends Complete Solution # 4: Spy Service

One last solution is to walk practically down a dark corridor to the bottom and open – under your responsibility – the only door that exists and enter the world of espionage or hacking. Well, these types of services are the ones that swarm the most on the Internet and, at the same time, they are the ones that need the most repairs or care to use them as already mentioned in the initial clarifications.

view photos on facebook without being friendsThat being said, there is a service that stands out from these calls spyzie It was designed for a legal use aimed at parental control of children’s devices, as well as for monitoring the devices of employees in a company that is owned by the user. However, this type of ministry also works for this holy grail: view photos on Facebook without being friends as detailed on their website.

Now, as I have already mentioned, this type of service is in a rather nebulous margin and a legal adviser would be advised to guide and clarify things, as they are not responsible for another type of use, it is at the discretion and the responsibility of each one of you.

Finally, these are the options that matter so you can view your photos on Facebook without being friends. Some of these are quite reasonable to do and others, you should think about whether they are really worth doing … Maybe the healthiest thing would be to show your face with your Facebook account, send a good message to be able to search for friendship and so on. by accessing Facebook (don’t miss anything) or you have a good friend who can connect you and the person you want to see your photos with on Facebook, that’s all.