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Use this stopwatch to control your exercise time

Usa este cronómetro para controlar el tiempo de tus ejercicios

It is normal to exercise for a certain amount of time and if you are disciplined about it, you will always want to comply with that moment. And this is especially true if you do routine exercises, which consist of series, each with its own time interval. Android mobile phones already incorporate a clock app, which usually includes a stopwatch or a stopwatch. However, these tools are too basic for a exerciser. You should manually set a time limit for each routine or series, something absurd.

stopwatch and exercise stopwatch 7 clock stopwatch and exercise stopwatch 8

Let me recommend an app to tell you the time of exercises, routines, sets and also the breaks between each of these hours, automatically and, in addition, count the calories you spend with each of them. This is Gym Timer, whose programmer is special to me, but I will comment at the end.

clock with timer and exercise timer 16

With this app, you won’t even have to zoom in or see your cell phone to find out when you’re done, because it alerts you to sounds at the end of each session. It also has a large time display if you want to see the remaining time anyway.

clock with timer and exercise timer 19 clock with timer and exercise timer 18

You won’t even have to touch your cell phone to interrupt, stop, or turn on the number because it has voice control to perform these actions remotely or while doing your exercises. And it deserves clarification, its voice control does not require an Internet connection.

stopwatch and exercise stopwatch 20 stopwatch and exercise stopwatch 15

Additionally, you also have themes available to change the look of this stopwatch or exercise timer, including the dark theme, ideal if you exercise at night.

About the developer

It’s not an app like any other we talked about here in Android Boss. It has something very special, because it is developed by someone in my family who, without prior knowledge, learned to program from scratch for Android a few months ago. It took a few more months to program the application itself. And, despite the fact that it is its first application, it has a professional look that surprised me when I first saw it. I’m not lying, because after testing and reviewing hundreds of applications, Gym Timer could be perfectly confused with the application of an experienced developer or a software development company, which makes me quite proud. Obviously, beyond what has been said, there is a great deal of effort and work behind such an application.

Clearly, behind all this there is a special request: please download Gym Timer, which is completely free. If you want to further stimulate the enormous work of my family and that I can support myself by developing applications for Android, buy the PRO version, for only 1.99, whose advantage is that it does not advertise the free version. Thanks a lot!

Download free Gym Time: Play Store; PRO version: 1.99

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