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Use this page and APP to learn English, pronunciation and comprehension, listening

Usa esta página y APP para aprender inglés, pronunciación y comprensión, escuchando

Spotlight English is an excellent online resource – a website – that I discovered a long time ago, after listening to one of their English audio programs, which was broadcast on local radio. The interesting thing about these audios is that they are incredibly easy to understand, which makes them ideal for practicing oral comprehension, as well as for learning the correct pronunciation of English for people with an intermediate or maybe even basic level of English.

To get a clearer idea: the English audio programs found on Spotlight are recorded by native speakers from the United States, England, South Africa, among other countries, who pronounce each word perfectly and in a very slow and patient way, just so that anyone with a basic knowledge of English can understand what is being spoken. As if that wasn’t enough, the audio text is also provided to follow it and not get lost along the way.

Another good thing about these audio «programs» is that they are quite educational, social, cultural and so on. The voice of the interlocutors is quite calming and relaxing, so it will help you calm down as you learn English.

You can easily listen to and read these programs in your browser, although you can also find them on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, as well as an Android application (which you can download from Google Play here).

spotlightenglish android English speed reflector app Android reflector app english android

Speaking of the application, it allows you to listen and read programs directly from there, as well as change the audio speed to make it slower (although, as I said, participants are already speaking very slowly) or faster. Unfortunately, you cannot download audio from the application. For this you will have to register them. The other option is to download them from YouTube (using a converter or a YouTube app to MP3) or download them from Spotify, if you have a premium.

If you have a background in English and want to improve your pronunciation and listening to the language, this excellent resource is something you should definitely try.

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