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UPS! Microsoft receives a «black eye» for interrupting the team

UPS!  Microsoft receives a "black eye" for interrupting the team

Microsoft Team Collaboration users were unable to log in on Monday after the company forgot to renew an authentication certificate.

Microsoft Teams users could not access the collaboration application for more than two hours a month due to an expired authentication certificate. The panel is a disgrace to Microsoft, which is trying to compete with popular rival Slack in the job market.

According to Microsoft, Teams had over 20 million daily active users in November.

«This is certainly a black eye for Microsoft, especially when it comes to reliability following poorly high-quality outages in recent years,» said Irwin Lazar, vice president and director of services for Nemertes Research.

«It’s surprising that Microsoft hasn’t renewed its certificate and shows that as teams grow rapidly, they’ll have to make sure they address operational issues to avoid further downtime.»

In fact, the early response to the outage is an indication of the growing importance of teams, as more and more office workers rely on the team’s messaging tools.

«There is nothing like eliminating a service that illustrates its popularity and importance. However, this is not one of the best practices we recommend, ”said Larry Cannell, research director at Gartner.

An SSL certificate allows a secure connection between a web browser or application and a server and is required for HTTPS sites. Helps protect users from security risks, such as human-to-middle attacks, by enabling data encryption. When a certificate expires, the server cannot be identified and the information cannot be sent. This was the case for Teams Monday.

«We hope Microsoft has learned its lesson from this fiasco and introduced process changes and other changes to prevent it from happening again,» Cannell said.

Reports of the problems began around 8:50 a.m. ET, according to the Downdetector website. At 9:19 a.m., Microsoft sent a confirmation on Twitter from its Microsoft 365 status account that it was investigating the outage. Until then, some users could no longer access the application.

About an hour later, Microsoft announced that it had identified the issue as an expired authentication certificate that had not been renewed.

He later wrote on Twitter that the solution started at 11:19 AM and confirmed at 16:00 that he had «successfully implemented» the solution. However, most users seem to be able to access teams at noon.

Microsoft did not apologize to account users.

Reacting to the news that the certificate is the culprit, a Twitter user, @ nunu10000, gave a sarcastic response: «Hey Cortana, set a reminder for a year from now: Renew the certificate really important.»

The panel caused other users of the team to download even more frustrations on Twitter.

As one user @ clashley1976 put it: “The IT department is migrating everyone from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams this weekend.

«Microsoft: wonderful, wonderful. We will have a global break in teams on Monday morning. «