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Update Android on Samsung Galaxy S21 with Odin3

Update Android on Samsung Galaxy S21 with Odin3

Update the Galaxy S21 tutorial to a new version of Android thanks to Odin 3 from an earlier version.

This process does not involve the loss of any content, applications, data or files saved on the mobile phone, but if we indicate it, we can also form during the process by selecting an option for it.

However, it is advisable to make a backup of the entire contents of our Galaxy S21 phone, for this we recommend you to use the official and free software of Samsung Smart Switch.

Updating a Galaxy S21 mobile device is an easy task and will leave our mobile device with the original firmware, also managing to correct any system issues that the mobile phone may present.

In the following paragraphs we will leave you everything you need to update the rom of your Samsung Galaxy S21 mobile phone.

Update Samsung Galaxy S21 thanks to Odin 3

In our Samsung configuration, we need to go to settings to enable USB debugging in the developer options.

If we do not have these options enabled for developers, we will need to enable them by entering About the phone -> Software information by pressing the build number seven times.

First we download all the necessary files to the computer.

  1. We are downloading the version indicated by Odin3 for Windows.
  2. Download USB drivers for Samsung Galaxy S21 mobile phone for Windows.
  3. And, to finish, we download the updated rom for Samsung and extract it on our computer.

Then we install the USB drivers from our phone to the computer and open the Odin3 software.

Turn off Galaxy S21 and start it with the download mode, for this we hold down the keys together smaller volume, The home, power to release them when the download warning appears.

Then, after releasing everything, we press the volume to accept and continue that way.

In Download mode we open the Odin 3 application and connect Galaxy S21 to the computer using the USB data cable, then we can see the text added in Odin.

Added Odin3 Galaxy S21Added Odin3 Galaxy S21

This means that at the moment everything is going well and the communication between the application and the Samsung Galaxy S21 is not a problem, otherwise we will have to check the USB port, the cable and, if necessary, reinstall the drivers.

At this point you just need to pass all the components of the rom to the Odin 3 software through the corresponding button.

For this step we will first click on the button [BL], we explore the directory where we saved the rom and open the file that starts with BL_ by clicking open.

We do the same steps with the AP_ and CP_ components.

In this step, before pressing the CSC button to open the corresponding file, we need to think about the term79. We need to apply on the Samsung Galaxy S21 mobile device.

  1. Reinstall and update your Android system keeping all existing data and applications intact.
  2. Or, on the other hand, clean and lock the ROM from scratch, with which the contents of the internal memory, accounts and settings will be removed.
  • If we want to update the Galaxy S21 ROM by installing the system without losing its contents, we need to use HOME_CSC_.
  • To update the Galaxy S21 firmware and form the phone for a clean system, we will upload the CSC_ file instead.
Odin3 Upload Samsung Galaxy S21 firmware filesOdin3 Upload Samsung Galaxy S21 firmware files

Note: It is always recommended that you use the HOME_CSC_ file, unless your system is infected with a virus or damaged.

Once you’ve uploaded all the files from the previous step, click the Start button to begin the update process.

Odin3 Galaxy Succeed 1 Failed 0Odin3 Galaxy S21 Success 1 Failed 0

To finish, we wait a few minutes until the progress bar is completed and Galaxy S21 restarts, just then we will have to remove the USB cable, exit Odin and wait a few seconds until the phone finishes turning on.