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Uber brings its Jump Bike start to Europe

Uber brings its Jump Bike start to Europe

Two months after Uber announced the acquisition of the Jump electric bicycle sharing service, the troubled taxi company has revealed that it will bring the service to Europe this summer.

Speaking at the NOAH conference in Berlin, Dara Khosrowshahi said that Uber’s Jump Electric will arrive in the German capital in the coming months and will expand to other unnamed European locations later in the year.

«Uber is ready to help address some of the biggest challenges facing German cities: combating air pollution, reducing congestion and increasing access to cleaner transportation solutions,» he said.

The business is believed to have cost Uber $ 200 million (£ 141 million). One blog post Khosrowshahi said at the time of the purchase announcement: “We are committed to bringing together multiple modes of transportation in the Uber app so you can choose the fastest or most affordable way to get to your destination. either in an Uber, on a bicycle, on the subway or more. «

Uber se associated with Jump to earlier this year, testing the bike-sharing service as a way to travel in its San Francisco user app, so the deal wasn’t a huge surprise.

It is not clear when bicycles will arrive in UK cities in particular, especially since Uber cars were banned in the capital .

Dockless bike sharing services, including Ofo and Mobike, are already running in UK cities, but Uber would inevitably have an advantage, as many people already have the app installed on their phones.

The Jump CEO said that the Jump application will continue to exist for the time being, but that this could eventually change.