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Types of garage door locks

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There are many types of garage door locks here we show you the most popular and safe.

The truth is that there are more models of garage door locks than you might think. It all depends on the type of garage door where you want to install the lock. In another article we explain everything you need to know about the key to open the electrical panels, now we will move on to another type of locks with an electrical mechanism.

change the garage door lockReplace the garage door lock

Trying to secure a heavy metal gate that opens by sliding down a path will never be the same as a modern swing-style garage door.

If you are looking for a lock to secure your garage, then we present the one that best suits your needs.

Sheet metal locks for sliding doors

This is the most conventional lock and the most common of all.

You can find it in most garage doors, especially those of the type: traditional gate.

garage door security lockGarage door security lock

They are characterized by:

  • Being manual, these locks can be opened with just one key.
  • They have a conventional cylinder or bowler.
  • They have no handlebars or buttons.

The operation of tin door locks is quite simple.

Of all the types of garage door locks, this is the one that most closely resembles the locks of most homes.

tilting garage door lockTilting garage door lock

The main difference is that it does not have a handlebar to open it. That is why it is usually used in sliding gates
because all you have to do is turn the key and then slide the gate to open the garage.

The level of security it offers is medium.

They are especially recommended if you do not have many valuables in the garage, as they can be opened using a paper clip, A lock selection or even with a knocking key.

Garage door locks with T handle

Type of garage door lock with T-handle, They are very easily recognizable by the characteristic handle or handlebar which is a perfect letter T.

garage door lockGarage door lock

This type of lock is perfect for those garages with modern doors. If you have a traditional gate, this type of T-lock will not help.

On the other hand, if your garage has a the door above his head, this type of lock is perfect. This model of lock is the most used in modern garages.

The level of security it offers is high, although it will largely depend on the level of resistance of the door.

Of course, they are harder to break than tin locks throughout life.

This type of lock with handle in t it also works with a key, but it is a bigger challenge when trying to break them.

electric garage door lock

The only visible part of these locks is the handlebar, which is also the space where the key is inserted. The mechanism is hidden on the inside of the door and is based on two pins that are operated by a pulley system.

They can be used on garage doors that open automatically, but certain precautions must be taken.

E.g: automatic opening system the door above the head if the door is still locked.

Electronic locks for garage doors without key

There are many types of electronic garage door locks. In recent years, new models of locks have appeared on the market that allow you to secure the garage door using the latest technological resources.

The idea behind each of these types of locks that rely on an electronic system is that you can open the door without using the key.

This way you will find locks that are activated with:

  • Numeric or alphanumeric codes.
  • Remote.
  • Your fingerprint or other type of biometric recognition system.
Types of garage door locksTypes of garage door locks

Even locks that rely on more complex systems, such as those that, instead of being an insulated lock, function as an integral part of a home automation system, can be opened even in your proximity or through a message sent to the smart home system.

Combined lock and mechanical keyboard for garage doors

Although this type of lock can be used on any door, we must say that they are quite effective on garage doors, warehouses, rooms and warehouses, where a fairly high level of robustness and durability is needed.

garage door locksGarage door locks

The advantage of this model is that its entire system is mechanical, so it is also easy to install.

Of course, first you need to make sure that it is compatible with the garage door, as it may not work at all. For example, it is not recommended if the garage door is heavily exposed to the elements.

Electric garage door lock

This type of door is a mixture of a mechanical system reminiscent of conventional sheet metal locks that can be used in more traditional gates and an electronic system that operates the opening mechanism.

These are the typical remote control garage locks that are perfect because you don’t have to get out of the vehicle to open them.

Defender garage door lock (for up and over doors)

Locks for type garages defend
they are a very powerful security supplement. And they can represent an increase in the levels of protection so necessary in certain areas where we have value, as well as our garages, where in many cases we have, in addition to the vehicle, some tools and other valuables.

These locks are designed to last
brute force attacks this can be done by perpetrators.

There are many models on the market, although they all have some features in common, because they are a heavy metal bar It is fixed on a grounded base with a padlock.

garage door lockGarage door lock

They are ideal for installation on overhead garage doors.

This type of lock also has a discouraging effect huge, because no killer will try to open a garage door that, in addition to being secured with a more conventional lock, has additional protection What’s up metal bar

To break them, criminals would need an electric saw or a torch to melt the steel bar or try to blow the lock. Which would take a long time, not to mention that they’ll have to open the other lock later.

For this reason, we always recommend that owners install one of these security systems on garage doors.