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Types of computer programs

Types of computer programs

computer programs These are applications or software that, by interpreting them by the operating system or software, allow a specific action on the computer. Before you can use it, the program must be written in a programming language so that our computer can recognize it. But how many types of computer programs are there?

There are many ways to classify different types of software or programs that exist for computers. However, and to be easily understood by less experienced users, there is a classification that helps to understand the types of computer programs that exist and the function of each of them on our computer. Below you will find out what kind of information each type of program offers.


System program

System program

System program or Basic softwareThese are a set of specific programs that manage your computer’s resources and control its operation. What functions do they have?

  • These allow the user to communicate with the computer through command-based interfaces, graphical interfaces, or menu-using interfaces.
  • Manage hardware resources such as memory, CPU, input peripherals or secondary storage devices.
  • Manage files controlling their creation and editing, deleting or copying, as well as access to data files and programs.
  • They manage the information of all programs running on the computer. Change the priority, turn them off or on again, check the status of the processor …
  • Provide support services, which means that they are able to include new utilities, update versions, improve system security …

In addition, in the system software, we find other equally important programs, such as:

  • Device drivers: This type of program allows top-level programs to interact with any other hardware device.
  • Utilities: They perform functions that serve to solve specific problems and maintenance tasks.


Programming software

Programming software

Programming software includes all those tools that make a programmer create computer programs using programming languages.

programming language, is a type of artificial language that allows the creation of programs to control the physical and logical behavior of a car. types of programming software the most important are:

  • Compiler: includes those applications that translate the source code into machine language so that the equipment understands the instructions received. In turn, they generate objects that are combined and become executable computer programs.
  • reel: serve to monitor the execution of a program so as to allow the programmer to follow the instructions being executed, being able to control, modify or assign values ​​to the different variables of the program.
  • Interpreters: are those that allow running programs. They run the source code in an intermediate language.


application software

application software

When we talk about Application software, we refer to those programs created by the users themselves in order to perform specific tasks, such as tasks related to work, administration, management, video games …. Some examples in this regard are:

  • Word processor
  • Spreadsheet
  • Database management system
  • Educational software
  • Accounting program
  • Audio editing programs
  • Web developers

computer programs They define the functions of this, as well as all the utilities and benefits that can be obtained from a computer. Knowing how it works and the information it provides, we will be able to use our team much better and be able to make the most of it without being a problem in the field of information technology.

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