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Twitter shares fall after Google and Disney «choose not to buy»

Twitter shares fall after Google and Disney "choose not to buy"

Twitter is available for sale, but now it looks like two of the biggest potential buyers aren’t interested in bidding. know I thought three candidates most likely to purchase the microblogging site they were Salesforce, Google and Disney.

Sources said flatten that tech giant Google no longer intends to buy Twitter, while other sources have said that Disney also give up in purchase. As a result, Twitter shares fell 19 percent on Thursday to $ 20.10 on Thursday, according to Bloomberg.twitter_character_limit

This leaves the CRM salesforce and technology company Microsoft as the only potential bidders left in the equation at the moment. Salesforce has never publicly confirmed that it will make an offer to buy Twitter, although on Wednesday, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said CNBC : «It’s an interesting product, but obviously the business has many challenges, very severe challenges.»

Before Recode released a report that Google and Disney could choose not to participate in its acquisition, its share price closed at $ 24.87 on Wednesday, up 5.74%.

According to Twitter, Twitter seems to end negotiations with potential bidders Reuters , after reporting your third quarter earnings. This would only leave a few weeks before potential prospective buyers are defined.