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Twitter is testing a new web interface with saved items, night mode and data saving

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The Twitter announced on Thursday (6) began testing a new web interface, night mode function to save tweets and a data save function. Or rather, it is not exactly new: social networks are practically looking to bring the mobile site to all desktop users.

The new Twitter interface

Twitter is testing a new web interface with saved items, night mode and data saving 2

And the old one

Compared to the current one, the new interface displays tweets with larger fonts in the timeline, reduces the width of the layout and hides certain information: your number of tweets, followers and followers is no longer visible, trend topics seem smaller, and the menu the top has no «Home», «Notifications» or «Messages» tags, leaving more space for searching.

The new thing about saving tweets is that it was already available in Android and iOS apps, but now it should reach all users on the web. In any tweet, just tap the share icon and then «Save tweet». The list of saved posts will be available on this page and only you have access to it, as opposed to public «appreciations».

By tapping your name in the upper right corner, you can view your profile data and activate two features: Night mode, which was already available in the current web version last year; and Data Saver, which stops automatic uploading of images and videos; you need to click on the media to view it, just like you do on Twitter Lite.

The social network says that it is «testing a new Twitter for the web, which a small number of people will see today», but now you can access the new interface by accessing Twitter has not said when (or if) it will make the mobile site the default for all users.

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