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Twitter How to share a song from Spotify on Twitter – Simple tutorial A recurring question between Spotify and Twitter users is ¿De …

Twitter How to share a song from Spotify on Twitter - Simple tutorial A recurring question between Spotify and Twitter users is ¿De ...

A recurring question among Spotify and Twitter users is How can I share my favorite songs from Spotify on Twitter? For this reason, we decided to explain this in a short but totally explanatory way, so that you can do this without major problems and start sharing your music with your followers on Twitter.

Spotify is an application widely used by users around the world, so it had to join the most prominent networks today to increase the flow of users. For this reason, one of the most curious options is share songs so that anyone can reach them through a direct link. Below we will quickly explain the whole process.

How to share your favorite song on Spotify on Twitter for mobile?

For share your favorite music from Spotify on Twitter You will only need a few things. First, download and open both apps on your device. This is because it is not possible to do the process only with the browser versions of the applications and, secondly, a stable internet connection. This will simply be enough to allow us to share content.

You should also know that everything you share from one app to another will be visible to anyone who follows you on Twitter.

share my music on twitter

So, if you don’t want someone watching your content, you’d better not watch it. Once we comply with the above, we will only have to follow a series of simple steps.

Select the 3 points of the sidebar in the song

The first thing we will have to do is open our Spotify and find the song we want to share. For this we can help ourselves from the playlist or simply from the search bar.

When choosing a song from the list, we will have to look on the right side for a button that has the shape of three ellipse written vertically. You should also know that this process is for an individual song, if you want to share multiple songs, you will need to repeat this step with each one.

Go share on Twitter

Once we score the points, a menu with several options will open. Among the first options we will have to add to a list, to see the information about artists and in third place we will see the option to share.

What we will need to do is click on it to display a new menu with the available options. Once here, we just have to look for the one who says «Twitter» and give it a touch.

This will redirect us to our Twitter account and the song link will automatically be uploaded along with a brief description of it. To finish you will need press the blue Tweet button And our song will be shared

share music from spotify on twitter

You should know that before you share it, you can change the song description, just as after posting, you can create a poll. This is to know if your ad was appreciated or not.

How do I share a song or playlist from my computer on Twitter?

In case of desire distribute any of your songs favorites on Twitter, but this time on a computer. You should know that the process is quite similar, so you need to meet the conditions set out above, except that the application is installed. When we share one or more topics on our social network, we need to remember to tag our close knowledge. This way you can quickly see what I posted.

Click on the 3 points of the content

The first thing you need to do is open your Spotify account and then find the song you want to share on the social network. When you do this, you will need to press the options button, which has three dots.

share the song on my spotify

This will open a small menu with options, where we can see some utilities related to the topic we have selected. An example might be that we can access the album to which the song belongs, as well as see the artist’s information.

Select «Copy link»

In this menu you will need Click on copy the linkThis will close the options window and we will be able to take the last step to share our topics on Twitter. It should be noted that with this copy copied, we can make a custom list of topics and save each link on our computer.

Insert the link into your Twitter account

In the end, we just have to do this paste the copied link on TwitterTo do this, just click on the new post and paste the link. Unlike the mobile application, in this case an automatic description will not be added, so we will have to do it ourselves and then publish the topic on our profile.