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Tutorials What is a .Mp4 file extension? How to open or play this type of extension

Tutorials What is a .Mp4 file extension?  How to open or play this type of extension

Since digital formats became present in our lives, new extensions have gradually appeared. The idea behind all this is to get a type of format that is compatible with any electronic device and that can be used to the fullest without seeing flaws. Therefore, today we can say that The .MP4 format is one of the best that exists in video.

And, although it is one of the most used and popular formats that exist There are still people who don’t know what a .MP4 file extension is.

So, in today’s article, we will focus on explaining it, as well as telling you what and how you can do it. open a file some of them on your computer or on a mobile phone that you have. But first, we must mention that there is currently the possibility to convert .mp4 videos to .mp3 audio from an Android or PC.

What are .MP4 file extensions?

These are nothing more than video files whose format is one of many digital video formats. It is one of the standardized formats that has been used since 2004. But to be a little more specific, it is a type of file that is a kind of container. This container It consists of a set of tracks, audio, video and more.

All this is gathered in the mentioned container and you will get a video format that any computer or smartphone can play. It is worth mentioning that in some parts of the world is known as MPEG-4. And thanks to this container and / or format, you can get a file with good video and audio quality, not to mention that the compatibility with the devices is exceptional.

An important point to mention is that you can perform a Google video search on an Android using an image. The result will be many videos with .MP4 formats. although you’ll also find videos in other formats you may not be familiar with.

How to open a .MP4 file extension?

The truth is that it all depends on which device you want to run the video file on. Usual, it is usually done on Windows or MAC computers, or on smartphones. But there are also situations where you want to play these files from a video game console, a Smart TV, video players, among others.

In the case of devices such as consoles, smart TVs and players, you have to check compatibility of these .MP4 format computers. In these cases, because they are compatible, it’s just a matter of inserting the USB memory or flash drive or otherwise using a CD or DVD and that’s it.

On the other hand, there are more complex devices, such as computers and mobile phones. In this case, it’s a little special because you can quickly improve or correct the quality of your online videos. But after improvement, you need a program to help you run these files.

For both Windows and Mac computers, there are countless programs that will allow you to open and view these files. The same goes for mobile devices, such as:

phones or tablets. Of course, in these cases, you need to have an application that depends on the operating system of your mobile phone or tablet

Programs that you can use to play .MP4 files

K-Lite Codec

This is by far one of the best players you can find for computers with Windows architecture. The compatibility that these computers have with different formats is simply incredible and wide. Fortunately, the K-Lite Codec has an official page where you can do this download from the program.

how to play mp4 files

VLC player

This is the rival of the previous program and with good reason. Like K-Lite, it has excellent compatibility with various video formats and of course on this list is .MP4. The advantage you have with this program is that it has version for Windows as well as for Android and IOS mobile devices.