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Tutorials How to update TomTom Homem maps and GPS system for free to the latest version

Tutorials How to update TomTom Homem maps and GPS system for free to the latest version

GPS has gained relevance in the modern world because it’s completely normal for everything to get bigger, villages and parting among them, that’s why there are applications like Google Maps that allow us to see the whole world from our computer

In this way, there are GPS recordings from most of the world, which makes the connection between people much easier and more pleasant, nowadays GPS helps so much that it comes pre-installed in most cars, these devices the truth is that it achieves it makes life easier for us, no one else could tell us where to go, when and how to get there faster

Let’s say that the experience that only a few had before, today has been democratized for everyone and we can use it without problems or without having to ask anyone to tell us what to do or where to go we remember the person) that’s why necessary to measure the distances you go from before leaving home.

Today everything can be had online, even the storage of the most important files can be in the cloud with OneDrive, the world is updated and it is clear that your GPS should also be updated, the more, the better

Why update your GPS?

Roads and life itself change at any moment, you never know when a path has ceased to exist and a new one has appeared, the possibilities it could offer you, or inconvenience, therefore awareness of the current state of the maps is crucial before making a new journey, even before going out there to go

Knowledge of the surroundings is very good even to go to work, we often happened to take a route to get to work which Google tells us is without traffic and it turns out that it was without traffic because it was being rebuilt and we cannot travel it, we will need to know what places you have traveled in advance so that this does not happen.

These kinds of things are a nuisance and we need to be up to date on maps to know exactly where and how to get to our destination, so TomTom is a company that excels in GPSSince it’s been in the GPS market since 1991, isn’t it? It was also chosen as the best brand in Europe in terms of navigation.

Its navigation format is one of the most popular in the world and for this very reason, if you have one of its browsers, you will want I know how to update it to be up to date, so let’s check.

How do I update my TomTom GPS to the latest version? Step by step

To upgrade your TomTom, you’ll need to have a program they offer called MyDrive Conect available on their platform once you have it. installed this application on your computer (be it Windows or Apple) you can continue with the following steps:

tomtom available mac ios windows

  • Installing it is an easy process, you just need to download (depending on the version of your PC or Mac and go ahead, accept anything else, this show is theirs so you can be sure it won’t contain malware)
  • Once installed, you can connect your computer to the GPS with a USB cable, when you open it, you can easily turn it on.
  • Now log in with your username and password
  • Now go to the configuration section and press «my content«
  • Here you will find the «Update selected» option by clicking on it, the software will show you exactly the updates you need and are right for you.
  • Click «Accept and install» and you’re done
  • You will know that you have done well, because a message will appear on the screen saying «Ready to go»
  • Disconnect the computer from the GPS and always start the trip safely and patiently (to avoid bad drinks or unexpected accidents)