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Tutorials How to open .dat file without any complications? | Practical step-by-step guide Files that appear out of nowhere with a data extension, usually …

Tutorials How to open .dat file without any complications?  |  Practical step-by-step guide Files that appear out of nowhere with a data extension, usually ...

Files that appear out of nowhere with a data extension tend to confuse users, make them think they are some kind of virus and they are not. They are simple files created by programs that contain stored data, that’s all for some reason, its extension has been changed.

So, if you are interested and need to open these files, we will explain shortly how to open them and what programs you will need.

What requirements do I have to consider to open .dat files?

In general, to open a file type (whatever it is), the user must meet a single requirement, which is to have program that can read that type of extension or format.

As for .dat files, the same thing happens, except that you have the advantage that any text editor can serve you to open them. Of course, it’s not the only way. In fact, something very similar happens when you try to open a file in PNG format without generating errors.

Use the text editor

The text editor (whatever it is) will help you open this file and access the information found in it whenever the program that created it was a text editor. That is, if the file with the .dat extension was created by an audio player such as VLC, you will not be able to do anything if you try to open the same file with Microsoft Word or Notepad.

how to read a given file

If you know what program that created this file, you can use any program that works as a text editor. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Find the file you want to open
  2. Select it with the right click
  3. Now look for the option Open with …
  4. You will search for any processor you have installed, be it Word, notepad, among others.
  5. Select the option and after a few days to open

These steps may vary as you can do this by opening first the program and then the same options, open a new file, find it on your computer, and run it. It will work the same way. For more information, you can simply upload your files by dragging them into the word processor window that you are currently opening, something similar to when you try to upload files to the Google Drive cloud.

How do you know what program has created a .dat file to open it?

The easiest way to find out is to identify where this file came from. For example, if you know that this file comes from a folder in which game data, and know what a program like this needs to open it.

The same goes for programs such as word processors which retain a certain amount of information and which can only be opened by programs with the same or similar characteristics.

The other and perhaps the most «practical» way is to try to open this file with different programs. Usually, when it is opened with the wrong program, the operating system itself throws an error. When this happens, you know in advance that with that program can not be opened and you have to try another.

how to run given files

What program can I use to open a .dat file and how to start opening it?

As you already know by now, the given files can contain any type of information according to its origin. For this reason, your options for being able to open this file and read its contents are as follows:

Microsoft Office program

To be more specific, we suggest you use Microsoft Word program to open .dat files and be able to read the information. Of course, it probably doesn’t have the way you’re used to, but you’ll still understand if you spend a few minutes understanding the structure of the information. To open it with this program, you must:

Click «File»

First run the program on your computer, Tablet, laptop or mobile phone. Once opened, you will go to the same options in the upper left.

Press «Open» twice

You will now select the Open option. This will allow you a window in which you can find the exact location of the file. If you know which folder is better. If there are too many files in that folder, at the bottom you have a search bar where you can search by name, if you know.

tutorial to open a given file

Go to «All Files»

Very close to the option I mentioned, there is an option that you can click and select the type of file you need run with the program.

Click on «.dat file»

When you click there, you should select the .dat file option. What this option will do is enable all files with this extension and hide all that do not have this type of format.

Confirm that you see the content

All you have to do is select the file you want to run and that’s it. You will accept and wait for the program to process the information in that file.

The best programs to open .dat files

You can open with the desired program or download a specific program to open these files whenever you deem it necessary. Keep in mind that if you are going to download some of these programs from your phone and then transfer the files from Android to your PC, as long as you do not have your computer at hand.

Edit Plus

It’s a fairly complete text editor that is created specifically for Windows, without neglecting that it has all the tools and functions that a programmer needs.

FreeDaT to Avi

This is one of those regular programs convert .dat files created with a program and convert them to any multimedia format you want.

what the given files mean

VLC Media Player

We offer you the download link above And now you know that you can use this powerful media player to play files of this type, especially when it comes to movie or subtitle audio.

What is the correct way to change the extension of a .dat file?

There are several ways you can choose, the most viable option is use a program in Windows to be exclusively for that. When you run it, you need to upload the file and then choose in which format you want it to be according to your needs.

Now, you can do it without the need for programs, for this you need:

  1. Find the file with File Explorer
  2. Once you meet in the folder where the file is located, access the view option
  3. At the end of the toolbar, find Options
  4. Select and a sale will open automatically for you.
  5. In this window go to View and then you will do find the Hide extensions option for Type files. You just have to uncheck this option and that’s it.

The other option, if you find it somewhat complicated, is to use an online program such as Winmaildat. This is a pretty good page that will be very useful for you change the .dat file extension.