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Tutorials How to fix DirecTV 771 error – Finding the satellite signal

Tutorials How to fix DirecTV 771 error - Finding the satellite signal

It’s time to find out solution to error 771 DirecTV satellite signal, as this is a very common problem in service, turning on the TV and identifying the DirecTV 771 error.

It is not necessary to unsubscribe from the DirecTV satellite signal via the company’s website, because below we will explain step by step so that you can fix the fault or error at home, but first we will explain Why DirecTV is showing errors in signal and what is error 771 DirecTV satellite.

Why does DirecTV have signal errors?

It is important to note that DirecTV is a company responsible for providing satellite TV signal. That is, in order to be able to enjoy television channels it is necessary to be able to say a satellite dish and with decoding.

Therefore, if DirecTV has signal errors, the reason is one of three reasons: having an outstanding debt with the server, having a problem with the cable connection going from the decoder to the antenna, or that the weather is very cloudy and the signal cannot be received correctly.

What is DirecTV Satellite Error 771?

We know you can watch HBO on a Smart TV through an app or DirecTV, but if you’re at home enjoying an HBO movie and it happens to be out of nowhere error 771 on the screen, the answer is very easy.

DirecTV 771 satellite error means your antenna. does not receive the signal satellite due to some kind of problem or your decoder is not well connected to the DirecTV antenna, but the 771 error lies in just about any problem related to signal reception at that time.

directv error signal missing

Steps to fix DirecTV 771 error and find the satellite signal

To fix the DirecTV 771 error, you need to be able to follow a process very similar to that of the installation that was performed for the antenna and decoder for the first time, but, it is good because it means that in the same way you can find a solution to a WiFi that disconnects on the phone you can find a solution at home to DirecTV 771 error.

Before you start the review process to find the solution to the DirecTV 771 error, you need to make sure that your account. they have no balance, because often when the account has an outstanding debt, error 771 appears on the screen.

If you do not present any debt, it means that the measures you need to take to resolve the defect are the ones we will explain below.

Step one: check the connection between the cable, antenna and decoder

The first thing to do is check if the cable that is connected to the decoder on the back says satellite did not disconnect, then check that the same cable is connected correctly to the antenna input.

Step two: reset the decoder

The second thing you need to do is look Red button which appears on the decoder, is the button that says reset, you will leave it pressed for ten seconds or until the DirecTV logo appears on the TV screen, loading progressively.

Step three: Configure the options

For this step, you need the help of another person, because when the DirecTV logo load reaches 100%, you will be tasked with selecting registration optionsthat is, you locate your country and city so that signal monitoring occurs.

While doing that configuration, the other person will be responsible for moving the antenna until the signal receiver marks the percentage in green, when the receiver turns green, leave the antenna still, click to continue, and you can continue to enjoy the DirecTV signal.