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Tutorials How to create an app or a similar app, such as Uber in Android Studio

Tutorials How to create an app or a similar app, such as Uber in Android Studio

If you want to know how to create one similar application as in Uber Android Studio You’ve come to the right place. But before explaining what you need to do to be able to create an app that performs the same functions as Uber via Android Studio, it’s essential to pay attention to the following points.

What is it The Uber app, what is Android Studio and how to use it. Emphasizing that these steps and information can help you even with an application similar to the delivery application.

What is the Uber app?

Uber is an application responsible for providing a transport service right now, consists in the fact that the user can request a transport service to take him to the destination, ie the user will request an Uber to be able to travel.

The app has other derivative tools, such as Uber Pass, which is responsible for providing the same service, but in a more private way.

What is and how is Android Studio used?

The first thing to keep in mind when talking about Android Studio is to make it clear that Android Studio has nothing to do with downloading and installing the Play Store on your device, it’s important to point out this point because many people I think Studio is an application that they will be able to install on their phone.

But it’s not, Android Studio is an application developer that will give you ease create your own application for use on any Android device.

Steps for using Android Studio

To use this developer, you need to go to the Google search engine and type «Android Studio» then you need to click on the official page showing the tool, then the page will open and you need to select the green box that says “Download Android Studio”.

Once downloaded and installed, the developer must open it and from the beginning you will select the plus symbol that says «Star a new Android Studio project» then we will select the type of Android device we will work for, the most used is the phone and the tablet.

They will immediately load different screens, if you work for phone and tablet you have to select phone screen and then fill in all the data they will ask about the application

Android system logo

Steps to create an app or similar app, such as Uber in Android Studio

To create an app similar to Uber, you need to keep in mind that there are already other apps similar to Uber. Therefore, you should focus on turning your application into remarkable and functional.

As you already know the steps to use Android Studio, before you open the developer, the first thing you should do is: have Application name and the programming language is ready, ie the first step is to know if you want to develop the application with Java or Kotlin, we recommend working with Kotlin.

Once you have the programming language selected, you need to know what you will need for the app, in this case, because it is an application similar to Uber, you need to have the essentials at hand, which is route map, the transport section and the user section.

Once you have all the items to include ready make an organization chart, Start with the name, programming language, structure, fonts and colors. To access Android Studio.

When you open the application, you will follow all the steps described to use Android Studio, when it is your turn to fill in all the data that will be required about the application, you will enter the name and programming language that you already have ready in the organization chart that you offer it click next.

On the left side of the developer you will see all the tools you need to use, you will add structure, fonts and colors you already have, so you can preview how the application will be, if you like the result, you can complete the project.