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Tutorials How to create a free and easy online photo collage What features should a collage have? Thanks to our device …

Tutorials How to create a free and easy online photo collage What features should a collage have?  Thanks to our device ...

What features should a collage have?

Due to the fact that our mobile device has a camera with a good resolution for taking photos, today our computer and the internal memory of the same phone are full of digital photos of all kinds.

Haven’t you thought about using all these photos to quickly make a collage to print or use as wallpaper on your computer? Today we will explain how you can create a collage in the easiest way and without having to use programs on your computer, because there are pages on the Internet that can help you in this regard. Now, if you want to try creating a Word collage, feel free to try it.

The best tips for creating a beautiful and creative collage

When you make a collage, you have the option to create it on your own and taken from your imagination or to do something a little more elaborate, meaningful and pleasing to the eye, without neglecting the meaning and that all the images you will use they have the same prominence as the others.

Therefore, we will mention some of the best ones to help you with creating your collage. These tips are as follows:

Use professional templates

It is the main advice if you want something with sense, computer and that seems to have been done by a professional. Of course, you may need to search the internet for templates to help you do this, or at least locate a platform to do so. collage containing templates appropriate to the situation.

The detail of this advice is that you may need money to be able to pay for professional templates. While it is true that the idea is to create a free collage, sometimes professional paid templates are perfect and fit everyone’s needs. That doesn’t mean you can’t make collages with free templates.

Mix the templates

Some templates can be mixed in such a way that you get something unique and better than what you already have. But, as with the previous tips, it will depend on the online program you use.

You can usually create a collage with almost any photo and by mixing them, you get something random and better than what you have in mind. Keep in mind that if you want to mix photos with your template, be very careful about the size of both. I mean, consider both the size of your photos, such as the template you are going to use.

Varies the size of photos

I made a brief mention of the above advice, but now we explain. It’s a bit boring and it’s not surprising that all the photos are the same size. The idea of ​​a collage is that the photos have different sizes and are strategically placed on the entire canvas you are going to use. The size variation is quite simple and all programs and online tools allow you to do this.

What are the best online collage sites?

Now is the time to continue to recommend the best digital platforms that will help you create an amazing collage and completely customized. We believe that the best options are the following:


Some tend to criticize this app for the large number of templates it has. While it is true that these are real data, what is wrong with taking one of these templates to create your own collage for our own interest?

In addition, we must limit a valuable fact about Canva, and you can download the mobile app and create your creations there. This is something that people who want to make a computer wallpaper, because you can take advantage of the application anywhere and anytime you want to create your own collages and wallpapers.


You can download this program and install it on your computer or use the platform to create your creations online. Once you enter the official Fotor website, one of the first options is Create Now.

After clicking there, you will notice that a small options menu will appear. In your case, you need to choose the last option that your collage editor will take. Once there, you need to upload the photos you are going to use and start giving them the organization you want.

how to use photor to create a collage

Be funky

Be Funky is one of the simplest and most complete editors you can use online. Please note that most of the options and features of this platform are paid for. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Like the previous option, you can choose to edit a photo, create a collage, or create your own design. Among the rest, we must highlight the ease with which the user can interact with the application, the various tools it has, in addition to the fact that it has a wide range of options that you can choose if you become a Premium user of the platform.


Finally, we have Adobe, which, in addition to having a desktop version, also has an internet space where its users can interact with the platform and create their own templates without having to download and install the program on their computer.

For obvious reasons, the features and capabilities of the online editor do not compare to the editor you have when you install the program. But despite this, you have pretty good options and you can do what you need, even if it is something simple but functional.

How to download and share the created collage?

how to download and share a collage

Regardless of the option you have chosen above or outside of this list, downloading the final file is one of the simpler steps you can take. Now, a very important point needs to be clarified and that most online pages that allow you to create collages give you the following options:

  1. Share the photo or collage of the platform community
  2. Save it to a cloud space
  3. Store it on your computer
  4. Share it directly on your social networks

You can choose any of these options at any time. But we recommend that you save it to your computer if you want to use it as a wallpaper or lock screen on your mobile phone or laptop.