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Tutorials How to copy and paste text, images and files on your Mac

Tutorials How to copy and paste text, images and files on your Mac

Not long ago I did an article on how to copy, cut and paste on a computer and now we will talk about copying and pasting in Our Macbook with Apple system in her.

Most people do not use Apple, however it is an excellent platform to work on, in fact, Mac has broken all the schemes with each release of its new MacBooks. Because of this high and good demand, MacBooks are more and more sought after, more relevant and more popular, which is why crucial to learning how to use them correct.

Why is it important to learn how to use these computers?

Not only because of macbooks, most computers work the same way, so it’s important to learn how to use them in general, to learn how to increase speed if it’s very slow, what they are, and how to use different types of computers. extensions? Among many other things very necessary And sometimes we don’t even realize that something is necessary until we know how to do it.

Mac computers have a very interesting closed system, because they do not allow the incorporation of many elements that other computers do, one of them is Unknown origins, the platform suggests and encourages you to download files only from its app store and that’s it.

Because of these special features, Mac excels in many of its special features, one of these special functions are shortcuts and is that Mac has many shortcuts (such as Windows) and today we will talk about copying and pasting.

How do I use copy and paste shortcut functions on my Mac?

Copying and pasting are very necessary in the daily use of a computer, this allows you to easily transport and bring different files, simple and fast, but you need to know what they are and how to use them to make it work

How to copy on Mac

Copying to Mac is similar to copying or pasting to Windows with the clear difference that instead of using CNTRL, you use COMMAND, which is Special key for Mac, so to copy to Mac, use: ORDER + C and this way you can copy the desired file (as long as it is previously selected)

How to stick on Mac

To copy you must have previously selected the file and copy it as I just explained, then you can paste it using ORDER + V, you want to paste the image or text on the selection area.

Why can’t I copy and paste my file?

Many files are not supported for copying and pasting, depending on the type of extension and where we want to paste them, such as copying text and trying to paste it over an image without editing platform like Adobe Photoshop (which is also from Apple, so it will be easier and more intuitive for you)

This way, there are many things to consider when copying and pasting, but the most common problems are your solutions are:

mac text copy

  • Try copying and pasting a file from a permitted area (such as your content library) and try pasting it to a location that Don’t allow it as a specific web page or application

If this happens to you, try pasting it anywhere else on the screen, it could be fixed.

  • Paste the file and you cannot delete the file you are copying

This is very common and there is a specific tool to copy instead file cut and you can use it by giving COMMAND + X, note: the original file will be deleted after pasting.

What kind of files can be copied and pasted next to images and text?

Both Mac and Windows can copy a wide variety of files, it can be as infinite as the number of extensions that can exist, so fortunately or unfortunately it depends on the file, but on a large scale you can copy:

  • Text formats (word, pdf etc)
  • Files of specific applications (Camtasia, Photoshop, Photoscape or any type of file in the program in question)
  • Text (depends on the platform receiving it)
  • Images from almost anywhere to almost anywhere.