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Tutorials How to choose an attractive and successful name for my business – Useful tips

Tutorials How to choose an attractive and successful name for my business - Useful tips

Choosing a successful name for your business depends on several factors, knowing them will help you get a great name for your business and compete in the market, the name is important because it represents your company in the rest of the world. a strategic name that helps them correct diffusion.

For example, it would not be the same to say «let’s go to the Doña Juanita cafe» than to say «Let’s go to the cafe for the one who doesn’t remember his name», the difference between the two generates branding.

If you manage to consolidate in public to whom you sell a certain familiarization with your company, you will have half the work done, which is why companies like Coca Cola sell their product so expensively, because 100% of their advertising is focused on welfare.

That is, they will never sell you their «new product» in an advertisement, their advertising strategy both on social networks and on posters pasted on the boulevard or advertisements, is to create a feeling of well-being before giving its big brand «Coca Cola» followed by a Slogan.

This makes the content before the name was okay or empathized with you, create a connection with the company, create loyal customers and then let the product sell only through attractive advertising, but attractive for feeling, not reasoning.

Otherwise, it would be an advertisement that would give you a 90% discount or show the previous price beaten and the new one in large size, they are sold at reasoning through cognitive bias and does not create familiarity with the customer, which is why small businesses do not usually price their products.

Data to consider when choosing a name for your business

The name is what your customers will remember, it is better than this name to connect them with a sense of pleasure or familiarity, depending on the line of your company you should choose one name or another, but there are certain features that would you have to keep in mind any name you want to put, so here is a small list:

The shortest possible name

You may have noticed that large companies use very short names, for example: Pepsi, Bimbo, Foca, UBER, Hasbro, Nike, McDonald’s Do you notice a common factor? Exactly not more than a word, however, if you are looking for names of companies that have just started and are not very successful, you will notice names like «Taquería el uncle roberto», this attracting the human aspect that things are missing, but always on a large scale, a short and precise name will be much better.

It must emit an emotion

People like to feel emotions, nothing better than to put Free Fire with graphics at full power and enjoy a good time, but we do not play to «learn», we play for fun and feel the emotion when you manage to win the rival, all video games appeal to the sentimental or emotional side, so we should do the same.

Build your company name step by step

We will put together the names of two companies, so you can learn from the example how you should select your name, for this you will need 3 things: the turn of the company, the territory of application and the connection with an emotion.

choose your company name

Why? Simple, let’s start with the company, if your company were babies you would need a name that is easy to read and empatheticAs “Pañababys” might be here, not only do we make the name empathetic, but the name itself tells you what you are doing and this helps you to be remembered and placed as a reference for a type of service.

Territory, because if you intend to locate a single place, you can put «Ferrebarce» assuming that your business was a Item store in Barcelona, more precisely impossible and related to emotion, because in a gum business «Gomilindas» causes empathy with your end user and this is always good.

Do not forget register if you are in Mexico to the name of your company through the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property and do not forget to register it if you are outside Mexico at the appropriate institution.