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Trello amplifiers for maximum productivity

Trello amplifiers for maximum productivity

So, you found out what Trello is all about. You’ve mastered the basics of Trello. You made your way through Trello’s more advanced tips and tricks. And yet, you say, do you want more power to improve efficiency? However, do you need more organization automation? However, do you want your project management software to look smarter?

God, you’re a tenacious monkey. But don’t worry, darling, because you’ve come to the right place. I’m also addicted to Trello. And I have an insatiable hunger for cunning productivity hacks. And it gives me an embarrassingly great pleasure to find new ways to improve my organization. (Yes, I’m an idiot, but hey, who are you talking about ?!)

The great thing about Trello is that there is always something new to explore, because even after squeezing every last ounce of organizational magic out of the service’s core feature set, there is a constantly expanding universe of software programs that can open up. all sorts of interesting new possibilities. They are known as power-ups and have some pretty impressive options among their ranges, which are easily overlooked.

I spent too much time exploring all of Trello’s outstanding startup options and beyond the super obvious service integrations and too basic to be discussed (such as startups to connect your dashboards to Slack, Google Drive, Salesforce or other similar entities), these are the 10 powers that stand out to me the most for anyone who is serious about achieving a superhero-like state of productivity.