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Top 10 Youtube Converters [Actualizado 2021]

Conversores Youtube

Youtube is the most popular streaming platform and also the oldest of all. Every day, hundreds of millions of users visit it either to listen to music or to watch videos, being a huge source of information.

So it’s no wonder people want to download YouTube videos so often. And there is content of all kinds: from interviews to podcasts, gameplay, concerts, tutorials … the ability to download them directly to your computer gives you the ability to review them whenever you want (or you need it) and without having to be connected to the network.

However, this is not an option offered by the platform, neither now nor probably in the future. The reason is very simple: it would lose traffic and therefore profits. However, the good news is that it is possible to do so. To do this, users must use third-party programs specially created for this purpose called YouTube converters if they really want to download videos from the platform. With Yoump3 Converter and other similar programs, you will be able to accomplish your mission.

What are Youtube converters?

This type of software is known as «converters» or YouTube converters and, as you can imagine, they are very popular because, like you, millions of users feel the need to download YouTube videos at any time.

These types of programs are quite complete at the functional level, because not only will they allow you to meet this goal, but also you can also «play» with the format in which you want to download the videos.

They allow you to download YouTube videos in any format

This is quite interesting, because you can specify if you want the content for a certain platform (for example, a file that weighs a little for mobile phones), and if you just want to download its sound (listen to podcasts, music … ) image without sound etc. Any combination is possible, just choose the right format.

A wide range of possibilities that open up in front of you, so you can enjoy multimedia content on any device always according to your needs or preferences.

Mp3 converter, the most used format of all

Although among so many varieties, it stands out above all the possibility of using the mp3 converter. This is because many people use this type of software to download music in these cases as well Mp3 format is one of the best, if not the best.

Why is something quite simple to explain: mainly because of how little Mp3 files it takes up. You’ll be able to download tons of songs with ridiculous space, so you don’t just get what you wanted from Convert YouTube to Mp3, but manage your resources to the fullest.

This logic is not just for music. Any type of multimedia content: from sound effects, podcasts, concerts, interviews … You can download everything in this format and you can store it for enjoy it whenever you want without compromising the memory or hard drive of any of your devices.

And, if you are wondering: yes, there is a YouTube to MAC converter, so you can enjoy this possibility in the Apple operating system as well.

What converters download Youtube Mp3?

At the functional level, everyone respects what is desired, and the interface is also very similar. So which one to choose? It is true that there is a lot of competition in this YouTube converters, but as in other areas, there are always some programs that stand out above the others.

Download Youtube videos

So I chose the top ten and exactly We will talk about them below, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each, trying to advise you as best I can:


Let’s start with this tool that allows you to download and convert YouTube videos. And, in fact, the interface is very similar to that of the streaming platform, so its use is quite intuitive.

Just copy the link and paste it into the search engine that the program includes (if you have the option of the clipboard that incorporates the same active software, it will do it yourself) and the screen will open automatically for you to select. several basic download options, including the format (probably the most important). Videoder is very easy to use, but if you have more detailed questions or explanations, don’t forget to consult the tutorial!

Online video converter

It is a free online tool with which you can perform the conversion process much faster, which has been its main virtue ever since. you will not have to download or install any program. You will do everything online and through the online platform as a website offered by the creators of the application.

Its use is extremely simple: you just need to add the link to the video in question, select whether you want to download the sound or video, and then it will automatically display the available formats for each option. Logically, depending on the selection of one or the other, the available formats will also vary accordingly.

YTMP3, convert mp3 from any device

Another YouTube converter that, despite not offering «anything new» in terms of features compared to the rest, which we really emphasize about it (and why we decided to include it in the TOP 10), is due its excellent compatibility. It is available for virtually any device and / or operating system, which gives the user a lot of features, which is always good.

Atube catcher

We have also included this program for its compatibility, although in this case not in terms of our devices, but with the number of streaming video platforms with which it is compatible.

This means that you will not only be able to download videos from YouTube, but also from other equally popular videos such as Dailymotion, Yahoo … And many more!

If you need a certain type of content that you can only find on another website, then this will be your favorite converter.

Tubemate lets you easily convert your YouTube mp3

We’re facing another big YouTube converter on the list, and despite not following any specific orders when presenting the tools, probably for personal taste, this seems to us the best in the TOP 10.

Tubemate simply has it all: a wide variety of formats for both audio and video, device compatibility, an intuitive interface, and highly advanced, configurable features that users with higher expectations will surely know how to take advantage of then. when using this program. .. We fell in love when we tried it.

As a highlight, You can choose the resolution in which you want the downloaded videos to be viewed, not just the format.


If you have no idea how to convert mp3 or have no interest in downloading any program, probably the best option for you is ClipConverter. This online tool allows you to simply access its website and add a link, select the format and download. Simple, right? It also has a browser add-on, which works right from the YouTube platform, so you don’t even have to copy and paste. Making life easier for users, we love it!


We are talking about probably the «weakest» program on the entire list, because it offers more like the rest, without standing out at all. So I just added it to offer alternatives.

Maybe a user will find something more useful or easier to use than someone else and will choose to use ListenVID, because there is nothing written about tastes and preferences. That is why we considered it appropriate to mention it. At the end of the day, it does its job pretty well, so it has nothing to «envy» other types of software it competes with.


Despite the fact that in the list most programs are compatible with mobile devices and have the appropriate applications (either through the store or through the APK), we also wanted to include a tool specially created for smartphones.

Youtube Mp3 Converter

And, in terms of its usability and features, it shows that it is programmed exclusively for mobile phones. Anyone who uses any other mobile video converter and compares it to YouMp3 will notice a big difference in favor of the latter. Using the YouMp3 app on your smartphone is simply a delightSo, if this is your platform of choice, then there is no doubt: YouMp3 is the best converter for mobile phones.


We are facing another program that, in addition, has an online tool, so its versatility will allow you to use either method to download videos online. In addition, it seems to have a mobile application, although in this case I did not test it.


You can download music from YouTube by converting videos to mp3 format, but you can also use the social media tool. This means that Snaptube will allow you to download videos from Instagram and Facebook, to name just two excellent examples of online platforms of this type.

You can also choose different resolutions, but probably the factor of interaction with social networks is its most favorable point of emphasis. Remember that you can change the format so that the videos take up much less space, something extremely useful if you want to save files to a USB memory, for example. All these features catapult you to the best YouTube converters, being one of the best three programs you can use without a doubt.

Our latest impressions and tips

Remember that on the same website (and through the links in this article) you will find tutorials for each of these tools, so once you have chosen to use one of them, just go directly to the guide where we show you how to download it, install it and use it.

This way, you’ll avoid the hassle of downloading videos to YouTube and focus on enjoying all the content you decide to download.