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Tips and tricks for quick base

Tips and tricks for quick base

The low-code / no-code Quick Base development platform allows so-called citizen developers to create applications and workflows for their teams and departments without the need for IT intervention. Based on the structure of a database, as its name suggests, the platform relies on fields, records, and reports to create, link, and manipulate datasets.

Teams can assign tasks and manage projects and configure actions to trigger when certain conditions are met, such as automatically sending notifications when a field is changed or a value reaches a certain threshold. Companies can also prepare personalized communications for suppliers and customers based on relevant data, such as invoices or estimates based on project details. And I can do all this with relatively little coding.

Despite this, Quick Base is a complex product with many functions, generally offering several ways to perform a specific task. It has a fairly extensive online help center and a user forum. But to get the most out of it, it helps you learn some tips from other users.

We asked three experienced Quick Base users to share their favorites. The following tips are provided by Sharon Faust, founder of the Quick Base Junkie online learning center; Ian Greig, IT Group and Technical Manager at Run Energy, a provider of operations and technical services to the energy and environmental industries; and Mark Shnier, owner of the application developer Your Quick Base Coach.