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Tinder Plus, Gold, Platinum: Difference, advantages and prices Is it worth it?

Tinder Plus, Gold, Platinum: Diferencia, ventajas y precios ¿Valen la pena?

Tinder is one of the best applications to find a partner, completely free. Simply open an account and set up your profile with photos and description. You can now start viewing and «dragging» other users’ profiles. If you like one, you like it or I like it. If in the end that other person likes you, then you got a match or a compatible person. Only after you have matched someone will you be able to write to each other. This is free version of Tinder, which gives you basic options to see only men or women at a certain distance from you, specific age range that interests you and hides your profile. And it works great. If you do not hurry, you will finally be able to get some matches more or less quickly, depending on your photos and profile.

Tinder «Premium» or paid

Tinder Platinum price features

However, if you want to speed things up, you can subscribe to versions Tinder’s «Premium», which are three: Tinder Plus, Gold and Platinum. They give you additional advantages or benefits. For example, you can become popular for a few minutes and get more people to see your profile (Boost), Yes Unlimited appreciation (the free version limits this aspect daily) or even see everyone you liked or even send a message without being appropriate with someone. Usually, you can see who you liked or you can only write to them when you have matched that person.

There are other features, less relevant from my point of view, such as Super Likes, which allow you to let someone else know that you liked them a lot (which they will normally know when they match you), Passport, to match people from another place or country, Back, to re-evaluate a profile if you made a mistake in the end Top choices, apparently to view and evaluate the profiles of popular people. You will be able to find all or only some of these features depending on the subscription you purchase. You will see below the difference between Tinder Plus vs. Gold and platinum.

The difference, advantages or benefits of Tinder Plus, Gold and Platinum

Which add Gold Platinum
Unlimited appreciation Yes Yes Yes
The people in the back Yes Yes Yes
5 «Super Likes» daily Yes Yes Yes
1 «Boost» monthly Yes Yes Yes
«Passport» (config. Other location) Yes Yes Yes
No ads Yes Yes Yes
See who you liked Not Yes Yes
New top daily choices Not Yes Yes
Send the message before the match Not Not Yes
Sending priority messages (they appear above in the inbox) Not Not Yes
Preferences (I see you faster) Not Not Yes
He likes last week’s story Not Not Yes
Prices (varies by age) 10-20 USD / month 15-30 USD / month 20-40 USD / month

Comparative table al advantages or benefits of Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum and their prices.

As you can see from the table, the price of any Tinder Premium subscription varies depending on age. E.g, if you’re under 30, Tinder Plus costs $ 10 a month. If you are over 30, you have to pay double, that is, $ 20 a month. In the case of Tinder Platino, you can pay up to $ 40 a month, a resentment. And no, unfortunately, you can’t change the age of your Tinder profile to pay less.

If you use Tinder frequently, you may want to pay 6 months or one year at a time. This will save you money. For example, instead of paying monthly for Tinder Plus for 6 months, the total would be $ 120 (if you’re over 30, as I indicated). If you buy the half-yearly subscription, the total would be $ 75. In other words, you save $ 45, a significant amount.

The most important payment function on Tinder

Tinder raises the price

The boost works to get more compatible people and costs less than Tinder Plus.

Before you give me your point of view on whether or not it’s worth paying for Tinder, I have to tell you about growth, which I consider the most important payment function when it comes to flirting on Tinder. Basically, it makes your profile popular in your area for half an hour (similar to Badoo’s «Featured» feature). According to Tinder, in that period of time, when you activate the impulse, you can see 10 times more people than what they normally see you. You will be able to find out if the impulse was worth it, because the application will inform you if a match at that time or in the following days was due to an impulse.

Tinder plus settings Tinder plus boost boost time tinder plus boost results

While the Tinder Gold and Platinum plans already give you a free monthly bonus (keep in mind that Tinder Plus doesn’t even include this), they cost more (especially if you’re over 30) compared to $ 7 for each increase. If you buy 10 boosts, they can even cost $ 3 each.

Of course, having paid Tinder has other advantages, but in my opinion most of them are irrelevant. Apart from the option to see who liked you (available only in Gold and Platinum, NOT in Plus), another redeemable option is that of unlimited likes, which is especially useful when you do a boost, because At that point, Tinder usually shows you a lot of people. If you don’t have unlimited likes, you’ll run out of likes in the middle. You can keep slipping the next day, but it’s not ideal if you want to find a partner as soon as possible. By the way, don’t fall for the trick of installing an older version of Tinder to get unlimited appreciation, because this doesn’t work anymore.

Note on boost: Yes no person appears during an impulse, may be forced to appear by changing the location setting to another country. Once you’ve seen people, you can return to your home country. It’s also recommended that you close and open the app. To avoid this situation, it is advisable not to slip people at least a day before activating the impulse.

Is my opinion about Tinder Plus, Gold and Platinum Worth it?

Judging by the current prices, which in my opinion are absurd, these versions of Tinder Premium are not worth paying. A few months ago I was only paying $ 5 a month for Tinder Plus. Now, with a double price and after 30 years, I have to pay $ 20 for a month. That is an increase of 400%. Crazy.

In terms of what it offers, several features of these paid Tinders, such as Super Likes and Top Picks, I consider irrelevant and personally did not help me get more compatible people or matches. You shouldn’t, because, for example, Super-Likes only make sense AFTER you fit in with someone. It is the same with favorite and apparent appreciations and with priority messages. About the messages before the matches, nothing will change the perception that the other person will have about you in your profile. If you don’t like it, you can hardly change this with a message. I hardly used the Passport function, because it doesn’t make sense to me flirting with people from other countries.

tinder read the receipts

The only striking features of Gold and Platinum Tinder are to be able to see who you liked, to match their likes and to fit in at that moment to discuss, as well as the impulse that I have already mentioned before. up. But, as I said, there is very little profit for the extremely high price of these subscriptions. It is absurd that, despite paying $ 40 a month for Tinder Platinum (the amount you may pay for your home’s basic services), you should also purchase receipts from Tinder, as shown above. .

As I said at the beginning, the only reason you want to pay for Tinder is to speed things up, which is to find a partner faster. If I were to suggest a plan, Tinder Gold would be best. If you’re not in a hurry, the normal or free version of Tinder in the end it will give you the same matches that you could get faster in its paid versions. Free Tinder is still good and works, probably largely due to the good database of active users. I am amazed at how many people I have found on this platform, who live in such a small country and city. It is probably the best application to flirt, search and find couples or dates. It would certainly be the first application I would recommend to anyone with this goal.

Finally, for the matches you get, few or many, to be more effective, it’s best to be honest with your profile by adding as many REAL photos and videos as possible (without photoshop) and you can do that. without paying a single penny. If you want to speed things up, but you can’t pay for Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum, you can continue to use Tinder in its regular or free version and supplement it with other dating apps, such as Badoo or Facebook couples.

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