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Tinder How does the Tinder algorithm work to get more meetings When we talk about Tinder, we are talking about a platform considered a network …

Tinder How does the Tinder algorithm work to get more meetings When we talk about Tinder, we are talking about a platform considered a network ...

When we talk about Tinder, we are talking about a platform considered a social network for users who use it, thus being in its field, an excellent tool and help for those who want to meet new people, start conversations with phrases, questions and of course find a partner online and this application.

The best thing is that we can choose the age range of the users we want to see, as well as the location, depending on ours. The same way, meet people both nearby and from different countries around the world.

Such that, complete casual meetings if it is what we are looking for, or otherwise just pleasant conversations, in the same way, we learn new cultures, languages ​​and other aspects from different places.

What does the blue star on Tinder mean?

When we use this platform, we must always know each of its functions, because there are some «hidden» so to speak, by being aware of its uses, such as editing our age, photos and our preferences, and so can enjoy of o better navigation through Tinder

get a meeting on Tinder

In this case, we are talking about the blue star on Tinder, it goes hand in hand with the option to send «super likes» in the application. By doing this, when the person to whom we sent the super like enters their account in Tinder, our profile will immediately appear on their screen, but with the difference that it will be with a bright blue border and also a star.

This indicates that we liked the other user’s profile quite a bit, and if we get a super like from the other person, then we’ll have a match. The good thing is that we can very similar function if we have an unconfirmed profile or vice versa, that is, we will have to wait to approve the review our profile on Tinder to be able to do it.

It should be noted that super-likes can be obtained through different packages that we must buyBy doing so, we will have them in our account to use at any time we want and, of course, do not expire in any way, even if the account has been deleted at some point.

To buy them we must follow the steps below:

First, we need to enter our Tinder account and open our profile section. Then we click on the option that indicates «settings» and finally select «buy super like‘, it’s so easy to get them.

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What is the Tinder ELO score?

We should know that the so-called «ELO» in Tinder is practically a function that is related to a hidden desire score, based on algorithms for classifying our profile.

The same, he said score on your profile will work to determine which users your profile will be displayed on and which profiles will appear in your account, which will generate more matches, but if a person with a relatively low «ELO» matches you ., then yours it will also decrease as a consequence.

What’s new in the new Tinder algorithm?

Tinder within your platform always create innovative features In order for employers to meet their needs, according to critics and comments, they are trying to improve their services.

Therefore, when we talk about News about the Tinder algorithm, We need to know that it works as a maximum viewer of our profile for other users, at certain hours, this being a kind of computer, in terms of ELO.

It is pertinent to know that in order to upload «ELO» on Tinder, we must follow some specifications or recommendations, such as, have a new profile, ie select for our profile an attractive photo of good quality and, of course, keep a constant frequency when using the platform.

match on Tinder to flirt

Can you play with Tinder to get more dates?

There are many ways to get it flirt or meet on the Tinder platform, such as asking interesting questions, having pleasant conversations, and considering respect for others.

But, the game on Tinder has gone viral among users, of course it is possible, the idea is to choose games that are fun enough for both people, such as truth or boldness, or rounds of other types. This generates a greater degree of trust and security among users, which is extremely important when make face-to-face meetings.

Is there a secret inside the algorithm to get more matches?

Indeed, there are a few tricks in the algorithm to succeed more matches, But how do we do it? The answer is very simple, the idea is to keep our account active frequently, this way, there will be more possibilities that our profile appears to other users and so he receives them.

On the other hand, it is crucial to have photos in our profile that don’t look bad for ourselves, it is not advisable to post photos with other people, as this may raise some doubts about our sentimental situation when we use the Tinder app. That’s why the idea is put photos alone or otherwise alone.