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Tik Tok Where to activate the camera on TikTok and give the necessary permissions TikTok is one of the social networks that stole the most …

Tik Tok Where to activate the camera on TikTok and give the necessary permissions TikTok is one of the social networks that stole the most ...

TikTok is one of the most popular social networks lately, uploaded this Chinese social network a lot of strength thanks to Covid 19, because, spending more time at home, people used it to communicate with the outside world. But if you’re new to TikTok and still don’t know how to turn on your computer’s camera to record your first video, don’t worry, the procedure is very simple.

Activating the camera on your mobile device is very simple, you just need to enter the application and at the bottom, you need click the icon in the shape of a cross (+), after you tap the camera, it will be activated and you can start uploading content to your TikTok account.

If you prefer, you can also upload videos from your gallery on TikTok, remember that the more content you upload, the more followers you have and thus you can become an excellent tiktoker.

What permissions are required to activate the camera?

Every app needs your permission to run on your device if you decide to TikTok What permissions do you want to grant. Once the app is installed, it will ask you if you allow the app to access the camera, you need to click where it says access in order to start using it.

But not only does the camera need your permission, but you can allow or deny access to the microphone, storage, among other options.

Keep in mind that you can do duets or duets on TikTok, so you can get there get more followers and even become famous on this platform.

Steps for granting room permissions to TikTok

To grant the necessary permissions so that TikTok can use your camera, all you need is:

On Android

From your Android device you must:

  • Enter the settings
  • Then you need to select the Applications section
  • Once selected, search for the application you need, in this case TikTok and click on it
  • Select the application
  • When you enter application information, scroll down to where you read Access
  • By clicking you will find the permissions of the applicationAll you have to do is select the sections you want to allow access to and that’s it.

From iOS

From an iOS device you should:

  • You must enter Settings
  • Then select Privacy, here you can see all the permissions granted on your device.
  • You need to search for the application you want information about, in this case TikTok
  • Once selected, you will see this the permissions that the application has on your device, you can grant more or remove as you wish.

All permissions can be turned on or off whenever you want, as this will only depend on what you want.

What can I try if the app doesn’t allow me to record videos?

Sometimes the app may not allow you to record videos, if this happens to you it means that the application has certain defects, but be sure that for all kinds of errors there is always a solution:

Update the application

In some cases, these types of errors may be due you need to update the applicationIf so, just go to your phone’s official store and see if there’s a new update, if there is one, you need to do that update so that the app allows you to register again.

steps to repair tiktok faults

Restart the phone

Another solution to these types of errors is that you restart the device, Doing so will restore the data on your computer, and the issue may be resolved.

Reinstall the application

Now, if you have already done the previous two alternatives and continue to have problems, then it is better to do so. uninstall the application and reinstall it In this way, all the errors he presented will be eliminated.

When you reinstall the app, don’t forget to perform settings required in your account, one of the most important is to enable privacy on TikTok, so that you always keep your privacy away from networks.

Other common camera issues on TikTok

When they record a video on TikTok, they can presents other problems which prevents us from uploading content among the most common problems we encounter:

With the microphone

This social network is characterized by the fact that all its videos have a background sound, must learn to handle this sound when you upload a video, because if you want to upload an audio video and you want to add your voice on top of it, it may sound distorted.

To resolve this small error just follow these simple steps:

  • Record the video with the sound you have available on this platform
  • Then you need to edit the video
  • Finally, you need to overlay your voice on the already edited video.

Following these steps will make the sound of your video sound perfect, you can also upload videos previously recorded with your voice and it’s just a matter of uploading it via TikTok.

other possible errors in tiktok

Flash activation

If when you record a video you need Flash and you don’t know how to activate it, it’s very simple, you just have to:

  • The first thing you need to do is tap the icon in the center, at the bottom of the screen (+)
  • Then, when the camera is activated, on the left side of the screen you will see the flash icon, you just have to press it and voila will be activated.

Only the flash activated with the rear camera, for the front camera this option is not available.

If you want more information about everything this platform has for you, we invite you to visit the official TikTok page, there you will solve many of your doubts and you will discover many options when using this wonderful social network.