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Tik Tok How to save data when using TikTok on mobile – The best tips for saving The famous Asian social network TikTok is a platform that …

Tik Tok How to save data when using TikTok on mobile - The best tips for saving The famous Asian social network TikTok is a platform that ...

The famous Asian social network TikTok is a platform on which it is based share videos. Which in the last year have had more downloads than the videos of the YouTube platform, Facebook, among others.

The videos that are uploaded to this platform are basically videos with people doing Lip Sync or Playback of songs that are fashionable, scenes from movies or series or simply mimicking the sound of videos of other users of this platform.

TikTok video consumption has become almost a habit. Because the algorithm of this application mostly leads to your homepage videos with content that interests you and you like it, so you can spend hours pasting the app watching videos without realizing it.

person using tiktok on mobile

This certainly poses a problem for users who cannot have a WiFi connection all the time because TikTok could consume all your data again and again. However, this app has a data saving system to avoid as much as possible ending your data by watching or uploading videos to TikTok.

What are the benefits of having TikTok Lite?

TikTok Lite is great for people video lovers of this platform. However, it only works for watching videos, when you create one, this option is inactive from TikTok Lite.

Quite simply, the Lite version of TikTok is more recommended for people who just like to watch videos on this platform. Otherwise, you will need to use the TikTok application or to create a video download an update for TikTok Lite which contains the tools of creation.

However, videos created by TikTok Lite do not have the same options as videos created by TikTok because the Lite version does not have the same filters or effects than the full version of TikTok.

For this and other reasons lighter version of TikTok Lite than TikTok complete. Below we will tell you what benefits you can have if you use TikTok Lite.

  • Don’t take up so much storage in your device’s memory
  • With TikTok Lite you save more device battery
  • You will be able to see the users who created a video, as well as the full TikTok application
  • With the Lite version, you won’t save as much cache on your device as with the TikTok application
  • If you have a mobile phone with little storage space or a somewhat backward operating system, you should not worry that it gets slower with the download of TikTok Lite

save data on tiktok

Approximately how much data does TikTok consume per hour of use?

TikTok is one of the applications that consumes more data when watching videos of this platform. Although they have tried to improve this extraordinary detail, it still consumes user data very quickly.

It is estimated that if a user spends an hour consuming TikTok content without any WiFi connection, they will spend about 840 Megabytes of data. However, TikTok has an option that allows you to save data only by activating it from the same application.

How can I enable TikTok data saving?

Being an application dedicated entirely to multimedia content, it is normal for data consumption to be high, and unless you have a WiFi connection when consuming TikTok content, you can reduce and even end the data without even realizing it.

However, there is another option that will help you get rid of a little data consumption quickly. The «Save data» mode offered by TikTok allows you to still watch the same videos, without limiting the options of this application, the difference is that you will consume less data than usual.

save data to your mobile device

Although it sounds quite tempting, you should be very clear about how this data-saving system offered by TikTok works. Yes OK, does not require special permits or something similar, to activate this option you must follow the steps below.

  • Download and install the TikTok app on your mobile device through the Play Store or App Store app library
  • Open the TikTok application
  • Log in to your TikTok account
  • If you don’t have one, you need to create a TikTok account from the app itself
  • Access your profile by tapping the «I» icon at the bottom right of the screen
  • Once in profile, tap the three stripes at the top right of the screen
  • In the «Mobile cache and data» section, select the «Save data» option
  • Activate this option just by pressing it

How does TikTok data backup work?

It is a very simple system on which to rely reduce video quality which the user sees with this option enabled, so that these videos do not take long to load and data consumption is reduced a little. In addition, we allow the application to compress videos for the same purpose.

Approximately, it was established that watching videos on TikTok for an hour without the «Data Saver» option enabled, used to consume about 840 megabytes of data, while if you have the «Save data» option enabled, this consumption is drastically reduced to 360 megabytes for an hour of TikTok content consumption.

enable data saving in tiktok

What else can I do to save mobile data while using TikTok?

As I said before, activating the «Save data» option in TikTok is essential for reducing data consumption, you activate it from the same TikTok application. However, you may or may not do certain things that increase data consumption without your knowledge.

E.g, avoid leaving the TikTok application open If you don’t have the Lite version, because TikTok is uploading videos you haven’t seen yet, so there’s no break between video and video, this generates additional data consumption even if you don’t see videos you already have. you were loaded.

If you’re a fan of TikTok content consumption, but you don’t record and upload videos and want to reduce data consumption, replace the regular TikTok app with the Lite version, which is TikTok Lite. Although it won’t be the same image quality as the videos you’ll see, the difference is not very visible and data consumption decreases considerably.

Limit data consumption

You can limit data consumption directly from the device settings. This way, when you’re in a data-consuming app, you’ll receive a warning when you exceed your limit, including when watching TikTok videos.

This option you can enable, disable, and modify to your liking, by following the steps below.

  • Access your device settings
  • Enter the internet or connections option
  • Click «Mobile data»
  • Select the «Set data limit» option
  • Enter the amount of data you want to reach until you receive a warning that you exceed the limit
  • Save changes

tiktok on the mobile device

Turn them off when not in use

Certainly, the option to turn off data when not in use is a very wise book when you want to save or reduce data consumption. The best thing is that you can enable and disable from the same control panel from your mobile without having to access other settings.

Simply swipe up and down on the device screen to display the control panel. There you can see the «Mobile data» icon and turn it on and off whenever you want and thus prevent some applications use the data even while you are at rest or in the background.